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People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs Notice (2009 No. 1)

People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs Notice (2009 No. 1)

2009 No. 1


To further facilitate the customs clearance procedures for import and export enterprises, since the date of this announcement, the Shenzhen Customs to further expand the scope of business then a single center. Notice on the relevant issues are as follows:

First, client coordinator system enterprises can choose customs clearance mode. Coordinator system enterprise customers select the existing customs clearance model integrity, it should be unified for a single center in the next release and the subsequent declarations integrity to pay a single procedure; selection of conventional customs clearance mode, it should be first enterprise management Shenzhen Customs Department to submit their applications by the Customs and Excise Department agreed that can be received at ports or customs procedures for single-center, at the same time is no longer applicable customs model integrity.

Two, A-type enterprises in Huanggang, Man Kam To, Sha Tau Kok, Mirs, Shekou, Shenzhen Bay Port six boundary control points of the general trade declarations and declarations by a single processing of trade declarations (not including special supervision of customs and out of region declarations), you can access at a single center for the relevant procedures, but should first take a single center to submit their applications and agreed to by the Customs. Customs at the time, the business of the declaration shall be received at a single Center.

Three other operations remain unchanged.

Four, the Advisory Hotline: 0755-84395714.

Is hereby announced.
March 11, 2009