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Hangzhou, the second outdoor leisure supplies exhibition opened in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, the second outdoor leisure supplies exhibition opened in Hangzhou

March 4, China (Hangzhou) International garden, outdoor furniture and leisure products exhibitions, again in "Oriental leisure capital" opened in Hangzhou. Provincial Party Standing Committee, party secretary, Wang Guoping, director of the city People's Congress Standing Committee was opened. Jin Choi, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce said王汉江celebrate the opening of exhibition successfully.

Choi Jin said in his speech, Hangzhou is a historic cultural city, is a vibrant established City, is a suitable investment, "Pioneering Paradise" is also a beautiful scenery of the "leisure city."
Second China (Hangzhou) International garden, outdoor furniture and leisure products exhibition and International buyers outdoor leisure supplies the General Assembly set up Hangzhou, Hangzhou is the development of tourism and leisure industries and a strong impetus to the exhibition industry is in Hangzhou this "Oriental leisure city "fully affirmed. Trust in the joint efforts of the parties participating in the community under the vigorous support of the Second China (Hangzhou) International Garden, Outdoor Furniture and Leisure Products Fair will be a complete success,

王汉江said that as the import and export trade associations, Chinese Light Industry Chamber of Commerce is deeply own mission and duty. We will make unremitting efforts and exert the advantages of this will be the role of a bridge, innovative services, both through imports and exports, with both exports and help enterprises to cultivate their own brands to meet international market demand, promote the well-known outdoor recreation brands abroad to enter the Chinese market, and promote foreign United brand enterprises and cooperation, the promotion of Chinese outdoor leisure products industry upgrading for the business success to address the financial crisis to create a good environment.

It is understood that the current international outdoor exhibition in Hangzhou this month on the 4th day -7 at Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center, there were from mainland China, Australia, the United States and other countries and regions of the 111 enterprises. A total area of 15,000 square meters, one of five international brands (360 square meters), the main exhibits include garden supplies, outdoor furniture, camping, beaches, outdoor lighting, outdoor cooking, barbecue, tents, sleeping bags, sun and other appliances.

From the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and other 34 countries and regions and the mainland of many large department stores, supermarkets, real estate business, tourist attractions, outdoor restaurants, clubs, and many buyers will be attending the meeting to visit the procurement. Currently pre-registered professional buyers at home and abroad has more than 1000 people, one of the international professional buyers nearly 400 people, the audience will exceed the total number of 16,000 people. During the exhibition, colorful activity has attracted a large number of exhibitors, buyers, media attention and was widely praised.