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The situation of China's foreign trade report (spring 2009)

The situation of China's foreign trade report (spring 2009)

Comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Commerce People's Republic of China Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation


The report reviewed the situation of China's foreign trade in 2008. 2008, in a sharp decline in world economic situation and domestic factor costs rising under the influence of other factors, China's foreign trade growth after a former high-low trend. Throughout the year to maintain a rapid growth of foreign trade in general, but to start in November or to drop by.

The report analyzed the first quarter of 2009 the operation of China's foreign trade.
The face of international market demand continues to decline in the grim situation, the Chinese government on the one hand, uphold the principle of expanding domestic demand and sustain economic growth, on the other hand, the adjustment to take the export tax rebate rate of some products to improve the financing environment and the promotion of trade facilitation in line with WTO rules and other measures to stabilize exports, and actively expand import. Overall, a quarter of imports and exports dropped significantly in March but has been some positive changes.

Report provides a perspective on the year 2009 China's foreign trade prospects for development. At present, the international financial crisis is still developing and spreading, the world economic recovery in the short term is unlikely to clear, sluggish external demand may be sustained longer period of time, China's foreign trade in the external environment facing severe complicated, it is necessary to maintain the import and export development strengthen confidence, and not be taken lightly. The response must be to work in a more down-to-earth, earnestly implement the good has been introduced in line with the WTO rules of the policy measures. Import and export enterprises to hard skills, increase marketing efforts to promote independent innovation and enhance the competitiveness of our efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets.

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China's foreign trade situation report of a 2008 development of China's foreign trade
Second, the first quarter of 2009, the characteristics of China's foreign trade
Third, in 2009 the development prospects of China's foreign trade

Annex Annex I: World economic and trade situation
Annex II: China's macroeconomic situation
Annex III: international commodity market
Annex IV: China's service trade

Statistics 1:2000-2009 form January to March in the general situation of China Import and Export
2:2000-2009 table in the structure of Chinese exports January to March
3:2000-2009 form January to March, China's imports in the commodity structure
January-March Table 4:2000-2009 China's exports in sub-trade
5:2000-2009 table of China's exports in January-March at the nature of an enterprise
6:2000-2009 table of China's exports in January-March at the country (region)
7:2000-2009 form January to March, China's imports in sub-country (region)
8:2002-2009 table of China's exports in January-March at the provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities)
9:2002-2009 form January to March, China's imports in sub-provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)