Ningbo Customs on the implementation of H986 inspection machine to check the production of two classes of circular sector

To further improve the monitoring effectiveness of customs clearance, import and export enterprises to maximize trade facilitation, customs clearance cost-saving enterprise, Ningbo Customs on May 11 will be implemented "H986 inspection machine to check the two-shift operation", the matter will now notice the following :

A, Ningbo Beilun Customs under the Customs and Excise Department (Customs inspection center Ningbo) H986 inspection machine to check the production of two classes of time for the industry in each working day Mon-Fri 9:00-22:00.

Second, all by the Beilun Port Phase II and III the import and export declarations and the declaration of each name and the two following two container FCL (except LCL) cargo inspection, customs inspection machine mode of choice for the H986 A post-mortem examination.

Third, to ensure that the inspection machine to check the proper functioning of equipment and maintenance, and H986 for the holidays, such as inspection equipment, inspection machine to stop running during the customs inspection methods for the manual inspection of the first choice.

Fourth, enterprises want to actively cooperate with the customs reform of Customs, reasonable arrangements for the work and personnel, and successfully carry out the work of inspection of imported and exported goods, the promotion of ports to further increase the efficiency of customs clearance for import and export enterprises to provide faster and better service.

V. If you have any questions, please business and contact the relevant unit of the consultation, Ningbo Customs in time. Contact: Beilun Customs (Ningbo Customs inspection center) Zhang, TEL :0574-89090382.

Notice is hereby.