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The Fifth China International Animation Festival ended

The Fifth China International Animation Festival ended

The Fifth China International Animation Festival in Hangzhou Xiaoshan break ended Bon-Garden. Animation for a 6-day festival attracted a total of 38 countries and regions to participate in the activities of 780,000 passengers, a total of more than 6.53 billion yuan turnover. China International Animation Festival has become the highest specifications currently the largest to participate in the most widely at home and abroad enjoy a wide range of impact and visibility of professional animation festival outreach activities.

The China International Animation Festival, a total of 35 contracted projects, turnover of 5.53 billion yuan, on-site turnover of nearly one billion yuan. Animation festival animation intent to reach more than 120,000 minutes, this figure accounted for in 2008 my original animation production for more than 92%.

In order to crack the domestic cartoon channels and promotion platform for missing this problem, the realization of original animation of the virtuous circle of market and lower business operating costs section of this cartoon the first time the establishment of the International Animation Fair. About 80% of the domestic channels of children's participation as buyers, nearly 60 enterprises registered nearly cartoons will be shown. In addition, there are a lot of film and television-related columns, cinemas, film and television companies to participate in the procurement trade intermediary.

In addition to the animation festival to attract the domestic animation companies, animation base, the media and other groups to participate in, the number of overseas exhibitors and the quality much higher than the previous, to further enhance the degree of internationalization. From the United States, Japan, France, Canada and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other 14 countries and regions, 322 enterprises, institutions participating.