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Toys and Gifts Exhibition North国展中心opened in Tianjin

Toys and Gifts Exhibition North国展中心opened in Tianjin

Yesterday, the biggest international children's gift items and toys northern国展中心the opening of the exhibition in Tianjin, the first day on tens of thousands greeted the visitors, of which not only accompany the child to the parents, there are not less is to show the "Amoy" toys for adults, they would like to find another way to relax.

Do not think that only a child playing with toys and toy preferences are also many adults. Yesterday's exhibition, 1 / 3 of the visit is twenty or thirty year-olds. Their pre-assembled toys away in the car the same area as the children to manipulate their cars assembled过把瘾... ... many young people feel that the current pressure of work, hands-play toys the way a vacuum.
More appealing to adult cartoon game network or those who display area, display a variety of fashion here, the real game, "equipment", and many adult networks, "players" have brought great joy and appreciation, real people play online games is these players as excited as the children shout.