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Ningbo Customs export business on the Dragon Boat Festival circular overtime

Ningbo Customs export business on the Dragon Boat Festival circular overtime

To ensure that the Dragon Boat Festival in 2009 in Ningbo smooth customs clearance of export goods, the Dragon Boat Festival The Ningbo Customs export business related matters circular overtime as follows:

First, the Customs and Excise Department overtime for May 29, 2009, on the 30th.

Second, customs overtime Unit: Supervisor Qualcomm,

the Examination Department, on-site operations (May 29 for the center of Ningbo Beilun Customs clearance at the scene for the May 30, Ningbo Customs clearance at the scene of urban centers), Beilun Customs (Ningbo Customs inspection center), Daxie Customs and Excise Department (Customs Ningbo logistics monitoring center) and so on.

Third, to work overtime during the Contact Tel:

Ningbo Customs Chief on duty Tel :0574-89092114;

Qualcomm Department Supervisor Advisory Tel :0574-89090255;

Field Services (Ningbo customs clearance centers) Business Consulting Tel: :0574-89090618 Beilun scene; urban scene :0574-89090675;

Beilun Customs (Ningbo Customs inspection center) Advisory Tel :0574-89090617;

Daxie Customs (Ningbo Customs supervision Logistics Center) Advisory Tel :0574-89090681;

Hope that all reasonable arrangements for customs clearance unit plans to ensure that exports of goods arrive in customs supervision in the actual place for timely reporting to the customs procedures, jointly safeguard the exports of goods in Ningbo normal order.