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The 11th Taiwan海交会new items

The 11th Taiwan海交会new items

18, the eleventh海交会the signing ceremony held in key projects, 27 projects were signed, including 23 foreign investment projects, the use of 564 million U.S. dollars of foreign investment; 4 funded project, a total investment of 3.87 billion yuan. At the signing projects, animation, creative projects large, new industrial projects on Taiwan are cause for concern docking.

The organizing committee said that the signing of the animation, creative projects are a great investment.
Among them, the Strait of innovative high-tech industry base in Fujian Province by the age of animation Cup Limited and the United States, Time Warner Inc. to develop a total investment of 200 million U.S. dollars, 50 million U.S. dollars foreign capital utilization, the development of a non-material cultural heritage research, entertainment and cultural creativity, creative works, such as film and television industry clusters, and build a national base for the creative industries.

Another big investment in innovative projects is the application of game AI terminal animation projects, the project by the Hong Kong Kai Co., Ltd. to invest a total investment of 30 million U.S. dollars, 15 million U.S. dollars foreign capital utilization, the development of end-game AI application animation production, 3D animation application platform technologies.

In addition, the signing海交会projects, new industrial projects are more scientific and technological content is higher, involving solar photovoltaic industry, LCD video products; modern service trade accounts for近四成, including the world's top 500 enterprises from Hong Kong, Austria Teles Group to invest 130 million U.S. dollars of a large commercial center, with a total investment of 50.5 million U.S. dollars in venture capital funds Section Jiangyuan projects; environmental protection, alternative energy projects have been new breakthroughs.