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Speed up the construction of a free trade zone services for the steady growth of foreign trade - the current business situation of the Second Series Review

Speed up the construction of a free trade zone services for the steady growth of foreign trade - the current business situation of the Second Series Review

Review of the current business situation of the Second Series

Speed up the construction of a free trade zone services for the steady growth of foreign trade
International economic and trade relations between the Ministry of Commerce Secretary

Free Trade Area of the building has become the new era opening up of China's new strategy. Hu Jintao, general secretary of the party's 17 largest in the report, "Free Trade Area of the implementation of strategy", Premier Wen Jiabao in his government work report in 2009 pointed out that "free trade zone to speed up the implementation of strategy."
In the current world financial crisis continues to spread, the FTA deal with the crisis in our country to co-ordinate the two markets and two resources will provide greater room for maneuver, while maintaining the steady growth of China's imports and exports play a significant positive role in .

First, create a free trade area may be a favorable environment for export and import growth

To date, China has signed the FTA 8, involving 16 countries and regions, including with ASEAN, Chile, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore and Peru as well as free trade agreements with Hong Kong and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement. The above-mentioned agreement in 2008, I covered one-fifth of the total foreign trade. These countries and regions as a free trade partner, is expected to become an important new external markets, thus improving the environment of China's import and export.

First of all, the FTA will improve market access to promote the growth of China's import and export. In free trade agreements, the parties should be involved in more than 90% of the product to gradually reduce tariffs to zero, and its burden, the effect of the gain is considerable. Enterprises as the import side, can by virtue of free trade partners in China to provide zero tariffs or preferential tariff treatment to imports of new channels and more cheap imported products; as export enterprises can rely on a free trade partner to China provided zero-tariff preferential tariff treatment, or to export products into new markets or expand existing market share. This is the impact of the financial crisis, in the low-profit, non-profits or even losses, many of China's state enterprises, is a rare "positive" message.

Second, the FTA will increase China's import and export of protection provided by the system. FTA is the economic and trade relations between the parties involved in an important indicator of a high standard. In free trade agreements, the parties involved together on matters of mutual economic and trade development between the all-round and systematic arrangements, including for trade preferential market access conditions, and the establishment of reasonable relief and trade dispute settlement mechanism. This will enable the future of trade between them has become stable and predictable to avoid abnormal fluctuations in the trade.

In addition, FTA will enhance China's international trade negotiations in the position and the right to speak. At present, many countries through the development of a free trade zone, the formation of regional economic groupings in the international trade negotiations for the benefit of the collective. Building a free trade area, and I will promote the interests of the countries concerned to strengthen ties, which in international trade negotiations, coordination, mutual support, to better safeguard the interests of our country.

Second, since the free trade area could create new growth points of import and export

Free trade zone can reduce the cost of exports, and enhance export competitiveness and improve export earnings, thus becoming a new growth point of export. At present, China's free trade area of the sow "the seeds", has begun to "take root" and "gratifying growth." This is the beginning of China's exports affected by the financial crisis in the context of the gray light together.

First, China's trade partners in total exports since expanded significantly. The year 2008, China's entry into force of the agreement have been implemented in five FTA partners (not including Hong Kong and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) in the same period the exports accounted for 9 percent of total exports, about 128.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 20.9% export growth was higher than the corresponding average export growth rate of 17.2 percent.

Second, China's bilateral free trade partners, exports have grown significantly. China - Chile free-trade zone as an example, since October 2006 has been implemented in 2007, I-chi an increase of 42% of exports, exports in 2008 increased by 39.3% year-on-year, the implementation of the past two years, I have two Chilean exports I fold over the same period in the overall export growth.

Third, China's free trade partners continue to optimize the export structure. China - Chile FTA implementation of the first two years, I am of the electrical and electronic product exports were up 57% and 53%; computer and communication technology exports were up 72% and 34%; machinery and equipment exports were up 50 % and 40%; Cars in achieving zero breakthrough on the basis of the exports were 12,025 and 1950, the Great Wall, Chery and Hafei Automobile eight independent brands, such as the car entered the Chilean market.

Fourth, China's enterprises from the free trade area benefit from the step-by-step. Since 2008, ZTE Corporation exported to Chile and Vietnam million more than 3300 communications products, by virtue of a free trade zone of 120 certificates of origin, the importing country to obtain more than 1150 million yuan of tariff relief. Dalian COSCO shipping company by virtue of "the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement" certificate of origin to the world's largest, with a total value of more than 78,150,000 U.S. dollars floating dock lifting force of the smooth export of the Republic of Korea, only a single-pay tariffs on goods 1,953,900 U.S. dollars, or RMB million over 1300.

Third, since the free trade area will help reduce trade disputes and to avoid technical barriers to

At present, an increasing number of countries affected by financial crisis, economic recession, rising unemployment, leading to international trade protectionism. Reduction and mitigation to avoid trade disputes, as well as technical barriers, the FTA could also play a role.

(A) free trade partners to recognize China's market economy status. The 10 ASEAN countries, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Peru, Iceland, Costa Rica, such as free trade partners to recognize market economy status, I, for my export to create a relatively fair trading environment.

(B) free trade area can be reduced and to resolve trade friction. In case of FTA parties to trade disputes, first of all to consider the cancellation of preferential free trade area, return to most-favored-nation WTO to play a buffer role of friction. Different free trade agreements on the use of trade remedy measures are different, even if the agreement is the most relaxed, but also in full consultation in advance of the requirement to seek an amicable settlement. For example, China - Chile after the implementation of the FTA, Chile has not for me to launch anti-dumping and countervailing investigations.

(C) FTA will also help to avoid technical barriers. In the FTA, I have with the countries in the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), health and animal and plant health measures (SPS) standards for the area of mutual recognition, to enhance cooperation to facilitate, strictly limiting the use of technical barriers.