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Increasingly positive response to the current resurgence of trade protectionism - Review of the current business situation of the Five Series

Increasingly positive response to the current resurgence of trade protectionism - Review of the current business situation of the Five Series

Review of the current business situation of the Five Series

Increasingly positive response to the current resurgence of trade protectionism

Department of Commerce Bureau of Fair Trade for Import and Export

First, the current situation faced by trade friction

At present, the global financial crisis has impact on the real economy, the impact of the ever-deepening, due to weak domestic demand, shrinking international market, the enterprises are facing competition for international and domestic market, the dual pressures. To support and protect domestic industries, to prevent shrinkage of the international market due to trade diversion, many countries have introduced various forms of trade protection measures.
These trade protection measures fall into two broad categories: First, WTO rules allow the abuse of trade remedy measures, mainly anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and special safeguard measures; The second is the use of traditional tariff and non-tariff barriers, if countries to raise import tariffs, to prohibit or take measures to restrict imports, the implementation of technical barriers to trade, as well as the national program to stimulate the national economy made a priority of the terms of the purchase of domestic products. March 26, WTO issued the second, "financial and economic crisis and trade-related progress report" list from September 2008 to March 2009 the members of the 211 measures taken involving G20 members of the 18. Report on the current economic recession in countries to respond to temporary measures, and ultimately evolved into a behind to protect their own industries expressed concerns about trade protectionism.

Increased protectionism in international trade in the context of China, the world's third largest trading entity and the second largest exporter, as an international trade friction between the main target. January to April this year, a total of 13 countries and regions of China launched the "two anti-two Paul" The survey of 38 onwards, the number of cases increased 26.7 percent year-on-year, of which 24 anti-dumping, countervailing 2, 7, safeguard measures, the special Paul 5. Especially in April, the United States of China's passenger car and light truck tires to start special safeguard investigation initiated OCTG products combined countervailing anti-dumping investigations, two cases involved a huge amount, causing the Chinese government and industry attention.

Second, actively respond to trade protectionism and trade friction cases

The face of growing international trade in the rise of protectionism and increasing trade friction cases, the Ministry of Commerce on the one hand, a clear stand to oppose trade protectionism, at the same time safeguarding the legitimate interests of Chinese enterprises in the first place, efforts to develop ideas and innovation to strengthen the coordination of joint to create synergy, to carry out all-round response. In recent times, have achieved remarkable results: the successful response by the recent termination of the European Union, I cold-rolled stainless steel plate and galvanized sheet steel in two anti-dumping investigation; consultation through negotiation, India put an end to my special safeguard investigations nylon cord fabric ; properly handle the case of the Turkish special protection; trade barriers to deal with the breakthrough made in the recent case and battery Sucralose 337 investigations of judicial proceedings in the case of the United States victory.

Next, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to play a "four-body interaction" mechanism, a positive association of organizations, local business authorities, enterprises and properly deal with trade frictions, and oppose trade protectionism, in order to create a favorable business environment for international trade.

(A) oppose any form of trade protectionism. Trade protection measures under the financial crisis will make the already tough economic situation even more difficult, countries should draw lessons from history and to honor commitments, through cooperation and consultations to resolve international trade problems.

(B) improve the trade friction control mechanism of early warning. Closely follow the development trend of trade protectionism abroad, as well as major trading partners, I trade policies and measures of adjustment and changes in the latest trends in trade protection cases timely collection, analysis to study the impact of I, and a timely manner to local, relevant departments and associations report. Strengthening of early warning information and the risk of release of export so that enterprises in the first movement of time to get to know the trade friction.

(C) increase the representation, consultation and legal defense efforts. Strengthening the bilateral inter-governmental dialogue and communication, to urge relevant countries to abolish the unfair and unreasonable protectionist measures in violation of WTO rules by some members of the abuse of trade remedy measures or other trade restrictive measures taken by the practice, if necessary, resort to the WTO Organization dispute settlement mechanism.

(D) improve the ability to deal with friction. To strengthen the business to deal with trade friction advocacy training, legal advice, support enterprises to use legal means to actively respond.

Third, business and industry organizations should actively respond to trade friction

Do a good job in response to trade friction, it is necessary to give full play to the enterprise and industry organizations. Enterprises to better understanding of WTO rules and trade remedy investigations related knowledge; attach great importance to the impact of trade frictions, in the event of trade frictions should have the courage to deal with cases, good response, especially in responding to the attention of the same unity of external operations; establish and improve internal management mechanism and take the initiative to resist the disruption of low-priced exports competitive in the export markets, such as operating order; to establish awareness of risk prevention and the strengthening of early warning mechanism of imports.

Association of a "four-body interaction" mechanism to deal with an important link. Chamber of Commerce, the Association may pay attention to strengthening the dialogue with foreign industry and consultation to understand the concerns of the industry abroad to seek common interests, through cooperation among the industry to resolve trade friction. Active on behalf of business enterprises and organizations responding to the actual interest at heart, a pragmatic response to trade friction. Closely with government, business links between the concerns of the trade friction between government and other dynamic information, sound information management system, allowing members to keep abreast of the latest trends in trade frictions, to maximize the interests of the maintenance business.

Ministry of Commerce will continue to improve services, support enterprise and industry prepared to deal with the work of the Organization.

(Information Source: Information Office of the Ministry of Commerce)