Six types of noise standards for small household electrical appliances will soon release

A few days ago, on August 1, 2005 the implementation of the mandatory national standard GB19606-2004 "Household and similar electrical noise limits" series introduces the new "D", air purifiers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and water type cleaning equipment, electric kitchen appliances, food broken up, and humidifier this 6-noise limit of small household electrical appliances is currently the special requirements at the WTO / TBT online public stage, will be officially released soon.

6 categories of products that the noise limits in the special requirements of the Standard provides that all technical standards for the mandatory content. 6 products nameplate or label instructions must be specific noise value, and the measured value and the deviation between the values expressed should not exceed 3 dB (A), and the maximum should not exceed the standard limit value.
National Standardization Technical Committee, director of home appliances Li said that enterprises should pay more attention to this set of criteria, as a national mandatory standards, once the formal implementation of products involved in the 6 enterprises and businesses should act in strict accordance with the law, a timely manner express the noise value products.

"Household and similar electrical noise limits of the special requirements humidifier" in the Standard states: "The sound power level of the humidifier should be in accordance with the provisions of the noise." "Household and similar electrical noise limits broken food processor's special requirements" applied to the rated voltage of 220V, rated power less than 700W, the use of household and similar containers by the motor-driven high-speed rotation of the blade or in mixing minced minced food, and more than 700W rated power equipment is being considered. Noise limits of its food requirements include immersion breaking up and breaking up solid food products, two types of device noise value requirement. Immersion provides food broken up noise limits as follows: ≤ 400W power noise value of the equipment should not exceed 90dB (A), 400W <Power ≤ 700W noise value of the equipment should not exceed 90dB (A); and solid food broken up noise limit value: ≤ 400W power noise of the apparatus should not exceed 100dB (A), 400W <Power ≤ 700W noise of the apparatus should not exceed 105dB (A).

"Household and similar electrical appliances kitchen appliance noise limits for the special requirements" is also applicable to the electrical input power rating of the apparatus is not more than 700W, 700W power requirement of the above devices are also being considered. According to Li, the the standard applicable to food other than ground electric kitchen appliances, such as soya-bean milk machine, juicer and so on. The standard provides specific noise limits.

"Household and similar electrical noise limits and water-type vacuum cleaning apparatus of the special requirements," provision applies only to the family and similar occasions, the use of vacuum cleaners and water-type cleaning apparatus (including its accessories and components). Noise limit requirements for products as follows: vacuum ≤ 1000W Rated input power and noise limit values to ≤ 84dB (A); Rated input power> 1000W and ≤ 1400W, the noise limit value of ≤ 86dB (A); Rated input power > 1400W, the noise limit value of ≤ 90dB (A). Suction-type cleaning apparatus of the noise value should be not more than 90dB (A).

"Household and similar electrical appliances dishwasher noise limit of the special requirements" and "household and similar electrical noise limits air purifier special requirements" of products were also made noise limit requirements. Among them, the air purifier noise sound power level should be in accordance with the provisions of Table 3. Vertical and dishwasher in the sound power level or greater than the noise limit value of 61dB (A), desktop Dishwasher not more than 65 dB (A), embedded Dishwasher not more than 58 dB (A) .