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People's Republic of China in 2009, Ningbo Customs Notice No. 5

People's Republic of China in 2009, Ningbo Customs Notice No. 5

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in order to standardize and harmonize customs in Ningbo port to export goods have been released for the ship, the matter will now notice the following:

First, export declarations have been allowed to ship operation is the consignor of export goods or his agent has been handling customs clearance procedures, as a result of shipment, such as loading causes changes in the original declaration of means of transport of goods, and goods from customs supervision is not, and by the carriers or their agents in charge of export shipments of goods or their agents to apply to ships, by the Customs and Excise Department agreed to change the operation of ships.

Second, exports have been allowed to ship the goods declaration operation applies only to goods exported container.

Third, the application should be shipping to the actual shipment of ships made 72 hours before departure.

Fourth, because of the following reasons, may apply to ship:

(A) as a result of the reasons for carrier operations, such as name voyage errors, mistakes, such as loading resulted in failure to load;

(B) the means of transport to the time change in Hong Kong;

(C) normal LCL LCL goods affected by the other;

(D) port terminals, cargo handling operation of the reasons businesses, sending its container shipment error or omission;

(E) need not be due to Customs inspection and timely loading of (the need for inspection of records);

(Vi) other force majeure reasons.

Involved in (a), (b) the reasons, by the carriers or their agents be responsible to the Customs export logistics departments to apply to vessels; due to other causes, and by the export of the consignor or his agent to the customs clearance department apply to ship exports.

Fifth, to ship the goods for export formalities required to submit the following information:

(A) to apply for single-vessel (duplicate) (see Annex);

(B) the export of the consignor or his agent, carrier or his agent is responsible for description;

(C) placing a customs departments have released chapter station receipts;

(D) the container port sector is not proof of shipment;

(E) other information required for customs.

Sixth, the applicant by placing a vessel to have customs clearance customs departments chapter station receipts, as well as being covered by the Customs and Excise Department at the scene of Chapter certified to apply for a single vessel to port for shipment procedures.

Is hereby announced.

Annex: application to single-vessel

July 1, 2009