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People's Republic of China in 2009, Ningbo Customs Notice No. 6

People's Republic of China in 2009, Ningbo Customs Notice No. 6

In order to optimize customs supervision and services, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, according to "People's Republic of China Customs Law", "People's Republic of China customs supervision management places" (the General Administration of Customs Decree No. 171), such as the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual port of Ningbo Ningbo Customs decided in July 2009, the Ningbo Port Container Terminal on the implementation of Bayonet staff supervision. The notice of the matter is as follows:

First, the implementation of the Customs and Excise staff supervision Bayonet container terminal include: Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Beilun Terminal 2), Ningbo Beilun Second Container Terminal Co., Ltd. Branch (hereinafter referred to : Beilun Terminal 3), Ningbo, Hong Kong terminal operators Ji Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Beilun Terminal 4), terminal operators, Ningbo Far East Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Beilun Terminal 5), China Merchants International Terminal Ningbo Daxie limited Corporation (hereinafter referred to as: Daxie Merchants Terminal).

Second, container cargo handling procedures and Bayonet Notes

(A) of the container terminal card I have a dedicated channel to clear a container, empty cars and a dedicated channel bulk. Truck drivers set to choose according to the actual loading of the corresponding dedicated channel and out of Hong Kong.

(B) from July 15, 2009, the four terminals in Beilun, China Merchants Terminal Daxie establishment of a "customs area to be seized." All contained in container exports set to clear a truck I should be in their cards, "the Customs and Excise Department to be seized zone" FENG Zhi Customs certification; imports to clear a container (Ningbo customs clearance of imports to the region to clear a container other than) the card should be I "to be seized customs zone" imposed FENG Zhi. 2 Beilun port, Beilun Beilun three terminals and Terminal 5 and the opening of the establishment of "the Customs and Excise Department seized the district to be" a separate notice of the time.

(C) from July 10, 2009, the Beilun Terminal 2, Terminal 3 Beilun, Beilun Terminal 5 contains the export of all goods in transit should be set truck mount in its "exclusive transit lanes" and out of Hong Kong, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of customs procedures.

(D) the relevant business card I managed to comply with the requirement to obey traffic Bayonet staff guidance, attention to traffic safety, and consciously safeguard the card I orderly.

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Is hereby announced.

July 2, 2009