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China signed 6 the construction of eight highway projects in Tanzania

China signed 6 the construction of eight highway projects in Tanzania

6 companies in China on the 29th the city of Dodoma, Tanzania Tanzania government's 10 major highway projects on the contract signing ceremony focused on construction of eight projects. Such a focus on engineering contracts signed in the history of Tanzania is the first time.

Tanzanian Minister for Infrastructure Development Kourou kawambwa Shu said that Chinese companies for infrastructure development in Tanzania has contributed to the building, the Chinese company's project for the class, but also because of the participation of Chinese companies, the Government of Tanzania in infrastructure investment to save a great deal. He believed that Chinese companies will certainly be able to carry forward the results, keep its promise to perform the contract satisfactorily.

China's ambassador to Tanzania Liu Xinsheng speech at the signing ceremony, Chinese companies do not want to live up to the Tanzanian government and people for China's trust and expectations of law-abiding business, strictly abide by contracts, quality work on schedule, for Tanzania's economic development and friendship between China and Tanzania make a contribution.

The Chinese companies are focused on the signing of the highway project, with a total mileage of 554.2 kilometers, the total contract amount of 490 million U.S. dollars; six engineering contracting companies in China Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Construction Corporation, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation, China Henan International Cooperation Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Geological Engineering (Group) Corporation.