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China, the Philippines, the abolition of import tariffs on wheat and flour

China, the Philippines, the abolition of import tariffs on wheat and flour

PETROFER Lin Beijing July 9 news: According to the Philippine flour processing industries, said July 7, the Philippines government had already abolished the Chinese import tariffs on wheat and flour, which will lead to a large number of flour into the Philippines market in China, which led to the Philippine Flour Mills industry more competitive.

Industry sources, the Philippines is not planting any wheat, wheat industry and therefore totally dependent on imports of wheat, so it can not control their own production costs.

This is a threat to the Government of the Philippines flour processing industries, as well as the interests of consumers. China has always been a big country the cultivation of wheat, Chinese manufacturers can easily control the cost of production, and the Philippines are not manufacturers.

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed on June 30 of Act No. 814, the abolition of wheat and flour, including a wide range of goods, including tariffs. China's import tariffs on wheat and wheat flour at 5%.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed a separate decree No. 765, will be duty-free import of wheat policy for another six months, but in addition to wheat flour other than wheat flour in China imposed tariffs of 7%.

(Li Lei for reference only)