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China's color TV market situation

China's color TV market situation

China-made color TV color TV brands with foreign brand market competition encouraging changes are taking place. Appliance stores the data and related agencies showed that the domestic color TV market share, brand and sharply higher compared with last year, the overall volume share of over 60%.

Experts said household electrical appliances, domestic brand's win a major cause of its price advantage, the future market share leadership is able to maintain, but also whether it could fully grasp the domestic brand market demand and provide consumers with innovative products practical .

Extremely strong sales of domestic color TV

A few days ago in Beijing shopping for major home appliances in an interview that Recently, Beijing market sales of color TV sets increased more than expected.
Stores a black person in charge of purchasing department, said last week the sales volume of color TV sets with the same period last year, an increase of 150%.

Analysis of the industry, appeared in June this year, the climax of TV consumption, mainly due to four factors:

First of all, color TV, "TM" campaign launched. At present, the color TV manufacturers and the introduction of color TV business has been "TM" activities, such as Konka, Skyworth, Hisense and so on. At the same time, some merchants and also to co-operate旧家电recovery, the introduction of "TM" activities. Appliances to promote these activities played a major role in consumption.

Second, despite the global financial crisis, domestic and foreign brands have a great impact, but the state policy of household electrical appliances out to the countryside, have made price advantages, 23 channels of superior advantages and services of domestic brands has found a wider stage.

Third, compared with previous years, sales this year means a lot of changes have taken place. In past years, stores such as in color TV sales in the form of the use of返券, that is, consumers in the purchase of a home appliance to be返券, he must buy another appliance when we can enjoy the preferential price返券; and this year , multi-store promotions in the form of vouchers that consumers can receive a free voucher in the store, above the amount in the purchase of home appliances can be used as cash.

Finally, there is a reason for this is that some time ago to the home appliance manufacturers, businesses to conduct semi-annual assessment period, in order to complete the sales task, manufacturers, businesses will also increase the intensity of activities. For the consumers, the immediate, tangible benefits of the most attractive.

Prices of domestic color TV market share

It is worth noting that sales of color TV, color TV made its own brand began to usher in the spring, especially the domestic LCD TV brand with a hard screen technology, foreign brands began to launch a new round of competitive differentiation.

Orville advice from the latest LCD TV sales data show that China-made color TV brand market share increased drastically compared with last year, overall sales of more than 60% share, flat sales in the top five domestic brand Hisense, a record Victoria, TCL, Konka occupy four seats, a top foreign brands only five, showing that the overall strength of domestic brands.

The same period last year while data showed that the top five LCD TV sales, only five Hisense into a strong, and the remaining four seats were occupied foreign brands.

Prior to this, the first quarter of this year, the home appliance chain data also show that foreign investment ranked first Sharp TV brand market share of 7.46%; Toshiba sales only TCL, Skyworth, Hisense any of the three domestic brands, a giant 20% ; Samsung LCD TV market share in May last year 13%, in February of this year fell to 4.2%.

Analysts have pointed out that in the next period of time, the initiative will continue to grasp the market. And foreign brands since the fourth quarter of last year, hit by the financial crisis, LCD oversupply, causing prices to drop rapidly in the hands of foreign brands of screen resources limit the loss of the original effect of the deterioration of operating conditions.

Prices is the biggest determinant of

Appliance stores, according to the source, the consumption in the climax of this color, the price of 4,000 yuan, 32 inches in size to the 47-inch mid-range between the prevailing color; In addition, hard-screen LCD TV has accounted for all LCD products六成sales of more than 42 inches in which to screen the most popular hardware.

Store person said that the emergence of the market share of domestic brands downturn, the price advantage is the key, but also to improve the quality of domestic brands.

According to analysis, by contrast, foreign brand subject to a greater impact the global economy, affected foreign brands into the domestic market shrinking, providing marketing, fewer resources are available to promote business alone, the limited efforts; and the performance of domestic brands has been very active not only promotional resources, increased sales, but also rich in products, prices more than Dan, for sale to consumers in the room, and for consumers, the price is undoubtedly the biggest deciding factor.

In addition, technical products, in recent years, made efforts to overcome their own short-brand boards, and actively cooperate with the upper reaches of the panel manufacturers to follow up on new technologies, create new applications, in the basic definition and application of flat-panel efforts and breakthroughs in the field, but also domestic the gradual suppression of foreign brand an important reason for the brand.

However, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce陆刃波Under-Secretary-General said that despite the current foreign investment in domestic enterprises at a disadvantage in competition, but foreign brands in the upper reaches of the resources and the advantages of core technology is always difficult for a short period of domestic brands across the threshold of . Once the global market, foreign brands still have the opportunity to flip.