Ningbo Customs Hongtang sports training facilities construction plan review application of competitive negotiation Notice

Ningbo Service Center, the customs authorities (hereinafter referred to as Party A) to the Ningbo Customs Hongtang style training facilities construction plan review projects of competitive negotiation, is inviting qualified for disk units (hereinafter referred to Party B in hours) set to come to vote.
I. Project Name: Ningbo Customs Hongtang sports training facilities to review the project drawings II disk units qualified for the basic conditions:
1, is established in accordance with the law of social intermediary organizations, enterprises with independent legal personality;
2, with a review of working drawings for more than second-class qualifications and requirements of good corporate reputation.
Third, the timing:
1, Q & A time negotiating document: July 2009 20-22;
2, the negotiation date: July 23, 2009 9:00 am

The venue for negotiations: Ningbo Customs Integrated Services Building 3rd floor, Conference Room (Ma Road, Ningbo City, 89)
3, the margin of this round of talks by the following into account:
Company Name: Ningbo customs authorities Service Center Bank: Bank of Communications, Ningbo Branch Account No.: 332006271018010000632
Fourth, Contact:
Zheng Bo (89090250)
Pang Xiao-of (89090250)