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People's Republic of China, Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 8)

People's Republic of China, Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 8)

Since January 4, 2009 Ningbo customs from two shifts of 365 days (morning 9:00-16:30, 16:30-22:00 evening) operating system in check, Ningbo Port monitoring the efficiency of customs clearance significantly increased . In order to further optimize the customs supervision and services, better performance of customs supervision, to promote enterprise and convenient customs clearance, Ningbo Customs inspection operation on matters relating to notice are as follows:

First, check to ensure that the day of the normal export shipment of goods shipped on time, the owner or his agent received a notice of inspection of export goods should be within three hours to the inspection site inspection to the relevant departments to carry out a single check to pay; for artificial evening inspection of export goods, the owner or his agent should be carried out before 20:00 on the same day to pay a single inspection. Not due to objective reasons for a specified time frame in the above-mentioned cross-list, the owner or his agent to the relevant departments to provide information concerning the identification, after approval by the Customs and Excise Department before allowing manual inspection.

Second, H986 machine seized two shifts to maintain the current practice of identification.

Third, are requested to actively cooperate with the customs agent, identification of common good to ensure that the Ningbo port continuously improve the efficiency of customs clearance for import and export enterprises to provide faster and better service.

Fourth, in 2009 the provisions of 29 on day 7 (Wednesday) will come into effect.

Is hereby announced.

Inspection appointment contact:

Identification of a Branch: Zhang ,0574-89090382

Inspection of the Second Division: Zhu rights ,0574-89090125

Inspection of three subjects:孙立斌,0574-89090352

Four identification:冯南Army ,0574-89090320

Advisory Tel:曹俊明,0574-89090617

July 24, 2009