The first half of the Chongqing Customs inspection, verification, trade surveys home business more than

Chongqing Customs news January to June this year, the total customs inspection, verification, trade survey 103 enterprises involved in import and export value of three billion U.S. dollars, involving 1.5 billion yuan of tax, a total of 7.84 million yuan of tax补征have to 6,940,000 Treasury.

This year, Chongqing, Chongqing Customs in actively promoting the development of export-oriented economy, enterprises continue to strengthen the follow-up monitoring.

In cooperation with industry associations, chambers of commerce links, and guide enterprises to carry out self-examination and the whole industry at the same time self-management, organization launched the "Automotive Electronics equipment products tax", "bankrupt enterprises to be duty-free equipment" and "Yun-premium", etc. the work of the special clearance of nuclear inspectors. Among them, in the "Win premium" in a special inspection of an enterprise approach to air transport of goods imports in general trade and the actual freight freight declare the existence of differences, the requirements of enterprises self-examination and self-reported and carried out on the basis of special inspection,补征taxes alone on the 2.34 million yuan in losses for the state to restore, but also further improve the business enterprise norms, according to ability and level of operation.