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Chongqing increase during the first half of the domestic trade increased nearly four-fold

Chongqing increase during the first half of the domestic trade increased nearly four-fold

January to June this year, Chongqing Customs processing trade value of the domestic tax 10,131,900, an increase of 395.2%. Chongqing Customs and Excise Department today announced that at the end of June, Chongqing domestic sale of processing trade related areas of tax revenue 2,474,000, an increase of 353.1%.

It is understood that the increase in Chongqing Customs trade enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, export markets, mainly in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other crisis-affected economies larger.

Customs and Excise Department said, in order to help them "turning crises into opportunities", this year, the Chongqing Customs and timely introduction of a number of individualized support measures to promote domestic processing trade facilitation. First of all, free trade in Canada for the establishment of the domestic scene Kong pay an overdue tax professionals, to establish a rapid review of the green channel, reduce the processing time, in time for the corporate tax for domestic procedures. At the same time, the implementation of the domestic "focus on the declaration", to allow domestic enterprises to focus on 180 days for the Customs and Excise Department to "permit the domestic processing trade" within the scope of domestic sales of bonded goods declaration procedures so that businesses can make timely adjustments in accordance with changes in the market, the domestic program. In addition, domestic sales of Chongqing Customs large enterprises, sent follow-up, adopted a "door-to-door" personal guidance, to meet the "zero inventory", "urgent orders, shipments urgent" needs of the business.