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Chongqing Customs million during the first half of super-premium tax

Chongqing Customs million during the first half of super-premium tax

This year, the Chongqing Customs clearance area combined with the actual situation in the city year-on-year decline in total imports and exports a greater reduction in the case of sources, and always put the "capital growth" and "security tax" combination of services for enterprises in the maximum at the same time, efforts to ensure that the state's tax collect all that is due.

It is understood that the customs clearance through the implementation of enterprise seminars, periodic reports revenue, operating system, such as situation analysis, to determine the exact tax situation and to take targeted measures: Relying on a single trial, risk management, law enforcement assessment of a platform of information technology in play capture the information, identify risks, and supervision of a leading role in law enforcement; grasp the customs clearance, inspection, anti-three links, organizations, "Automotive electronics equipment item tax", "bankrupt enterprises to be duty-free equipment" such as special operations and combat inspection machinery and equipment smuggling operations and other special projects, effective way to eliminate "leakage drops run run" phenomenon; the formation of 86 young people, composed of customs tax revenue sinking regulatory assault team to the business scene, effectively alleviate the shortage of human resources front-line supervision of the status quo.

According to statistics, 1-June, Chongqing Customs and 12.74 million yuan of total premium revenue. Among them, the trial price, classified, such as customs clearance links pay an overdue tax 5.52 million yuan, inspector, follow-up anti-smuggling and other aspects of pay an overdue tax 7.22 million yuan.