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Li Keqiang inspected the Three Gorges reservoir area and the main city of Chongqing - Hong Kong completed the development of new bonded growth pole

Li Keqiang inspected the Three Gorges reservoir area and the main city of Chongqing - Hong Kong completed the development of new bonded growth pole

CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier, State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee, recently inspected Chongqing Li pointed out that more than a decade after the building of municipalities, Chongqing has been standing on a new starting point, it is necessary to give full play to the unique location and policies advantage, to maintain stable and rapid economic growth, and effectively protect and improve people's livelihood and do a good job in the Three Gorges reservoir area resettlement work, and further co-ordination of urban and rural and regional development, in-depth implementation of the national strategy of developing the western region to play a more important role.

July 9-11, the member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of Commerce Bo Xilai, Mayor Wang Hongju, accompanied by the respective, Li-depth immigrant families, industrial and mining enterprises, farmers院坝, street communities, on the current economic operation, follow-up to the Three Gorges Project and the development of the western region to inspect the situation.

The Government will try to help immigrants become stable

On the 10th early in the morning, Li went to the streets of Wanzhou 100 100 Simon dam safety community, into the family home to understand the resettlement and production life.

We heard that Li came to visit, community residents took to come spontaneously warm applause. "Three Gorges Dam has been completed, but not yet finished the work of immigrants, we should not only move to draw, but also stability is maintained, step by step to get rich." Li said, the party and the government will try out policies and provide conditions to help immigrants become stable. "Everybody's building the Three Gorges Project have made great sacrifices, the party and the state will never forget your contribution, we will help you do a good job in job placement, and gradually took the road of prosperity."

危旧房people into a very good thing to do

Pm on the 10th, Li came to Hing Lung Street Yuzhong District危旧房demolition, has not yet entered the final few difficulties to move the masses at home, listen to their views.

"Chongqing危旧房to engage people into a very good thing to do in the project implementation process, but also to further the aspirations of the masses to listen to detailed program of measures to enable more people with satisfaction." Li Keqiang urged Road.

Jiulongpo District Hualong, who lives in their homes of low-cost Housing Area QIN Yue-min, 51-year-old, who have a disability, but he voluntarily withdraw from the low, self-learning Chinese medicine, finance, computers, 3 years minimum but also to get 60% of the incentive payments, Li said: "Chongqing well this policy, if effective in the whole country."

Jiangjin district in the standardization of citrus nursery stock breeding demonstration park, learn more about Li and land to cultivate citrus seedlings flow and broken farm village of villagers sitting in a forum院坝. The villagers I sentence you made, very warm atmosphere. "Everyone I have come to sum up, one is the issue of employment; One is the traffic problems; one is the issue of training grants." Li said, it reflected the problems prevalent in rural areas throughout the country, should be seriously studied, to be addressed.

Chongqing has been standing on a new starting point

11 pm, Chongqing municipal government work report meeting held in Yuzhou hotel. Li Keqiang said that after years of development, Chongqing has been standing on a new starting point.

Li said that the international financial crisis, China's western region showed a unique advantage. Vast western region, the advantage clearly huge growth potential.

Li said that in the great development of western China, Chongqing should be to play a more important role. In the process of speeding up the development of the western region, Chongqing should give full play to advantages such as the Yangtze River golden waterway conditions, the Cuntan two bonded elements, such as the construction of Hong Kong, and further enhance the level of internal opening to the outside world, radiation enhanced the capacity of central cities, to cultivate new economic growth.

Well from start to finish of the Three Gorges Project to be responsible for the children and grandchildren

Li said that the Three Gorges reservoir area emptiness industry, the employment difficulties faced by immigrants, the need for close attention.

Li said that the Three Gorges Project is an issue of long-term development of the Chinese nation, the overall interests of the project, after more than ten years of construction, the preliminary design of the Three Gorges Project is about to be completed on time and to have it running well, the development of good, well from start to finish, follow-up to the Three Gorges Project essential in an orderly manner. In addition to the Three Gorges Project which the building itself, an important aspect is to continue to increase support for the work of the reservoir area to support industrial development in the reservoir area, so that immigrants "Andhra steady, step by step to get rich", which is responsible for immigration, but also responsible for the entire nation to future generations.

Li also stressed the need to safeguard and improve people's livelihood in a more prominent position. He said that in the city, the most important problem is the livelihood of the people living in the reservoir area and the rural, the main problem is that music industry people's livelihood, Chongqing municipal government to seize the two key points, very necessary. At the same time, should attach great importance to building a safety net to protect the livelihood of the people, for the masses to provide comprehensive basic health care, old-age security.

Bo: We are confident that

Chongqing to develop better

Bo Xilai said that Deputy Prime Minister Keqiang inspected the western region development, follow-up to the development of the Three Gorges reservoir area to improve health care, housing and other major issues, put forward many important ideas. Comrade Keqiang attached great importance to the difficulties in Chongqing, the Three Gorges Project to follow-up in an orderly manner, well from start to finish, the nation and future generations. This is an important historical location, we must work immigrants do a good job of stable prosperity, and build long-term stability of the reservoir area. Comrade Keqiang also an important concept in economic geography, that is, some of the world's major powers after taking the lead in the development of coastal areas, inland through the river to the extension of the development of the hinterland. Chongqing to the large-scale development in the west to play a crucial role. Central Committee and State Council optimistic about the Chongqing, Chongqing support, we are confident that in the previous municipal government based on the work to develop better Chongqing. Wang Hongju, reported at the symposium on the work of Chongqing.