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Chongqing's industrial economy for a rebound in April

Chongqing's industrial economy for a rebound in April

Chongqing Municipal Committee of Economic and Information Officer Wu ice entrepreneurs in Chongqing on the 30th Day and the Summit this year in February to May, Chongqing industry there has been four months of recovery. Is expected during the first half of the city's industrial growth this year will reach about 12 percent.

According to the briefing, January to May this year, Chongqing's industrial economy recovered faster than the country, electricity consumption rose steadily, business orders for a significant increase in rail freight faster recovery, faster growth of private industrial enterprises to increase the availability of funds. Chongqing Industrial in the February-May for a rebound in 4 months, rose faster than expected.

Statistics show that in Chongqing in February industrial growth in the size of 6 percent, 8.8 percent growth in March, 11.2 percent growth in April, 12.3 percent growth in May. May's increase in value on the first row in the country 8.

Wu ice analysis, four major reasons why the economy in Chongqing in the performance of the beginning of this year: Chongqing's dependence on foreign trade was only 13 percent, 40 percent below the national level, making Chongqing's industrial economy by the financial crisis, the impact of the smaller; Chongqing, the industrial structure better, a relatively sound industrial chain, a strong anti-crisis capacity; Chongqing as early as April 2008 on the introduction of seven adaptive control measures to mitigate the financial crisis on the impact of Chongqing; state's macro regulation and also to address the financial crisis from Chongqing to a positive role.

Bing Wu said that the current situation, Chongqing in the efforts to maintain industrial growth will also accelerate the pace of business innovation, and strive to achieve full-year above-scale enterprises 190 billion yuan output value of new products, an increase of 20%. Chongqing will also close down a number of small iron and steel, small thermal power and backward cement production enterprises, to promote the work of energy-saving emission reduction.