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"China's third district," to lead the western region of Chongqing fly

"China's third district," to lead the western region of Chongqing fly

"Co-ordination Forum on reform and innovation of urban and rural enterprises and management consulting Sixth China summit" was held yesterday in Chongqing. 童小平deputy mayor in the conference, said the initial planning of Chongqing, "Two Rivers Area" of 1200 square kilometers, the construction of approximately 550 square kilometers of area.

February 5 this year, the State Council issued (on the 3rd National Development) "on the promotion of urban and rural reform and development of Chongqing, a number of views" document, an official at the national strategic level to set up in Chongqing, "Two Rivers Area", which is China's first inland bonded Hong Kong. Following is the Shanghai Pudong and Tianjin Binhai New Area after "China's third district."

"New Liangjiang highlights the advantages to home, gathering economic development in Chongqing." Liangjiang Area "is located in the northern part of the new district of Chongqing and Chongqing Cuntan two bonded port area, including the scope of planning Jiangbei Jiangbei District, Central District, Area Gai Jiang Tang家沱- Cuntan Area and the fish head - Fu Sheng Area; Yubei area in northern New Area, Longxi Area, two areas, fungus - Road Area, as well as ancient Longxing - stone boat Area; Beibei District Caijiaying Area with soil and water - Renaissance Area. which will be built into a new area in northern inland areas open economy model, the formation of high-tech industry R & D, manufacturing and modern service industries where. to support the new district in the northern part of the land, taxation, finance, investment, foreign by foreign trade, scientific and technological innovation, in areas such as management system to the first test. continue to play all types of the northern part of the new national park area and radiation characteristics of the leading role, the formation of a multi-district park, positive interaction, the development pattern of dislocation. and two Cuntan bonded port functions and the same tax policies of the Yangshan bonded to implement the relevant provisions of Hong Kong. rational allocation of customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine supervision of staff and facilities to ensure effective supervision.童小平said, "New Liangjiang" Upon completion, in the air door west of the south would be "old" and the relative JIANGBEI river mouth, the Grand Theater District will be formed by the "two New River."

"Two New River" is based on large, Chongqing, service the Southwest. "Two Rivers Area", will explore a new type of economic development and opening up the inland road, and will promote the development of the concept of the western region of the profound changes in the western region to further the development and opening up a positive demonstration of the role of lead and radiation. Last year, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, member of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary of Commerce Bo Xilai of Chongqing established to build the western highlands of the objectives of opening up, of which the "two New River" is an important strategic platform. Its role is to, at the national level to form a low-lying land policies to attract talent, capital and the advantages of industry agglomeration. "Two New River" is based on the strategic positioning of Chongqing, the Southwest service, relying on the Yangtze River economic belt, for at home and abroad to form a "one-door two-center three-base", that is: the western inland region an important gateway to the outside world, the Yangtze River upper reaches areas of modern business logistics center, the Yangtze River upper reaches of the regional financial center, an important modern manufacturing base and national high-tech industries, the major channel of international trade inland and export processing base, the Yangtze River upper reaches of scientific and technological innovation and scientific research base for industrialization.

"New Liangjiang" building in three phases. 2009-2010 for the initial stage. Main task is to fight for the country will be "New Liangjiang" into national planning, regional planning and layout. At the same time improve the port, railway, highway operations, strengthen urban construction, promote the reform of the administrative system to provide a good environment for the hardware and software. 2011-2012 is "New Liangjiang" medium-term development phase. The main objective of this period is made in the industry with breakthroughs in key areas. Plans to 2012, import and export reached 30 billion U.S. dollars, the introduction of the world's top 500 to reach 200, using domestic capital of 2,000 billion yuan, the container handling capacity of 5,000,000 TEUs. Compared with the year 2013-2020 to enhance the stage. This period, the "Two Rivers Area" on the surrounding area and the leading role of radiation increased, the western region as the upper reaches of the Yangtze economic growth and regional economic centers to further enhance the status and role.

"Two Rivers Area" to bring about the development of China's western region. "New Liangjiang" The establishment of pulling "Chengdu-Chongqing economic belt" manufacturing industries, such as average annual growth rate of 10 percent average annual growth rate of the industrial economy increased by 5 percentage points; Yunnan and Guizhou hydropower and mineral development, such as average annual growth rate of the energy industry 5 percentage points; At the same time, to Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Guangxi, to strengthen collaboration with the western market, 50% of the manufacturing and transportation through the "Two Rivers Area" to the western market, is expected to average annual growth rate of 5 percentage points.

Chongqing in April this year to the State Council formally submitted a "Chongqing" New Liangjiang "overall planning program." Recently, Chongqing Mayor Wang Hongju in the "High-Level Forum on the development of state-owned enterprises and opening up" speech, said that Chongqing "Liangjiang New" is expected to be granted during the year, in order to add new investment attraction in Chongqing. Wise decision-making, and the people looking: "China's third district," the birth of the western region of Chongqing lead fly!