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Chongqing Customs help enterprises fully well the policy preferences of origin

Chongqing Customs help enterprises fully well the policy preferences of origin

Chongqing Customs news, the first half of the Chongqing Municipal Agreement preferential tax rate of origin of imported goods showed strong growth, 1-June, the value of imported goods 62,185,600 U.S. dollars, up 42.65 percent; 513 items of imported goods article, an increase of 104.38 percent; tax levy is 82.4024 million yuan, up 21.66 percent; the amount of preferential tax 20,482,800 yuan, an increase of 145.76%.

This year, to help enterprises should be turning crises into opportunities to improve the competitiveness of product markets, Chongqing Customs take active measures to help enterprises fully discount the origin of a good policy: building a platform and two professional clearance audit data in real-time monitoring platform, through the establishment of certificate of origin, shipped to a single, signature, corporate integrity 4 database, a comprehensive review to improve the efficiency of the certificate of origin; of origin can enjoy preferential rates but can not provide the certificate of origin of commodities with the security clearance, certificate of origin has minor flaws in the timeliness of screening, in the "tube to live" under the circumstances of origin of goods for customs clearance, "Speed"; the establishment of three customs channels quickly for oil asphalt, rubber, plastic materials, such as infrastructure projects, based on the much-needed raw materials, industrial goods the implementation of priority clearance; own initiative with the customs broker, business, Shipping, freight forwarding services, such as communication, advocacy origin related preferential policies to help enterprises solve the origin of goods classified, supplementary declaration and so on.

It is reported that preferential origin is defined as the import tax rates using a variety of circumstances, such as through trade agreements, from the agreement countries (or regions) of imports of goods in the tariff provisions of preferential treatment. In China, the use of preferential certificate of origin from the agreement some of the goods imported into the country, will enjoy lower tax rates than the most-favored-nation tariff rates, the origin of the rational use of policies to effectively reduce operating costs, and March 1 this year, implementation of the "Progressive preferential exports of origin regulation, "the origin of goods imported to add to declare methods and operating procedures has made it clear that the policy preferences of origin further highlights the advantages.