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To build a network of anti-smuggling days

To build a network of anti-smuggling days

Last month, 23, from abroad mail来渝a package arrived in the post office上清寺, security equipment to scan showed that there are CDs and books folder aroused Chongqing Customs Office in the vigilance of the post office, open the package to see all filled with pornographic contents of photo albums and comic books, the Customs anti-smuggling police seized the parcel down immediately to investigate ... ...
"Even if only a very modest of smuggled goods, it must not be allowed to slip from under the eyelid son." Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau, said Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling will always maintain a high-pressure situation.

Return of 37.7 million yuan treasury tariff "If Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling police, I have to lose everything." Jiangsu Kunshan boss in a processing plant in Chongqing, Customs sent a letter of thanks on the Board said.
In 2006, foreigners from abroad to buy a CNC machine tool进了一批to 80-90 million in the price of each sold Mainland manufacturers, Chongqing Customs found that when the machine in the customs declaration deliberately under-reporting of prices, the import tax evasion tariffs on more than 120 million anti-smuggling police investigation was in石桥铺criminal suspects will be arrested.
After investigation, the suspects were not only suspected of smuggling, is also suspected of fraud, fraud has a factory in Kunshan of more than 80 million advance payment. Customs anti-smuggling bureau of Chongqing police around Fujian, Guangdong and other places to trace, ultimately from fraud suspects and the recovery of evaded customs together.
Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau, the Customs Authority has been set up in Chongqing in 10 years, hosting more than 190 various kinds of smuggling cases, the success for the country 37.7 million yuan in economic losses, on the recovery of the last year alone, 690 million yuan偷逃关税.
Restricted items will be blocked in the customs in 2005, Chongqing Customs Bureau received an important clue: Zhang 4, such as Chongqing in Myanmar to purchase a number of drugs, going to the drug in the motorcycle accessories夹藏post Yu-ri. Once the inflow of the drug in Chongqing, an immeasurable harm to society.
Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau of emergency deployment, in order to人赃俱获 and completely wiped out the drug trafficking channels, anti-smuggling police rushed to the post office in advance, "waiting for." The day the parcel arrived in Chongqing, the two suspects came to the post office to collect the goods, not out of the post office door, it was the anti-smuggling police captured. At the same time, the other two suspects are also in full arrest shortly after entry.
"In addition to the Tax偷逃关税deliberately smuggling activities, drugs, firearms, endangered animals and plants, such as smuggling of prohibited goods is also a top priority to combat." Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau, said the past 10 years, Chongqing Customs, with the continued intensify the fight against efforts to prevent cross-boundary flow of prohibited items in Chongqing, has intercepted more than 5.5 thousand grams of drugs, 2 million pieces of illegal publications and a large number of illegal smuggling of goods, the detection rate has remained at 95%.
Major figure behind the Chongqing in April this year, Chongqing Customs Bureau in Guangdong Province received a Gongbei from the Bureau of Customs协查通报: 8 years ago, a smuggling and criminal gangs smuggling in Guangdong crazy mobile phones, computers and other electronic memory products, worth as much as 60 billion yuan, the local customs department after several twists and turns of the smuggling gang smashed, but the four main leaders in a "slip through the net" is likely to abscond to Chongqing and other places.
Chongqing Customs Bureau to investigate the basis of clues, was not long before the anti-smuggling police found the suspects were from Fujian was hiding in the Chongqing area in Jiulongpo a stone processing plant to operate. Police rushed to Jiulongpo arrested. At this point, that the smuggling case was a complete painting of the period.
It is understood that 10 years, Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling cases in the local host at the same time, also put in a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to assist the field of Customs for more than 400 smuggling cases, including the "Yuanhua smuggling case in Xiamen", "Shantou smuggling case "," Shenzhen Hi-case "and shocked the country's largest group of cases.
At present, two are under construction in Chongqing Cuntan bonded port area, is expected to be the end of this year and closed customs and operating, Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau of the front will be longer, more arduous task will be. Chongqing Customs anti-smuggling bureau said it would use this as a new starting line, in accordance with the requirements of higher authorities, combined with the Chongqing Customs practice, continue to maintain the fight against the smuggling of high-pressure situation, and resolutely safeguard national economic and political security.