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Chongqing: the twists and turns to see the light load in the face of adversity to rise

Chongqing: the twists and turns to see the light load in the face of adversity to rise

□ 1 to 6 on the region's GDP growth of 12.6 percent, the year is expected to scale new high of 14%

□ opening up the first time this year to form the law settled in Chongqing

□ the rapid development of electronic information industry, sales revenue is expected from last year's 60 billion yuan to 80 billion yuan this year

□ plans to invest 1 trillion yuan by the construction of 4 years, forests, open, safe, healthy and livable



Summer, the convergence of the Yangtze River and Jialing River百舸争流Chaotianmen terminal, thousands of vessels, one peak.

In 2008, the Chongqing region showed a 14.3 percent GDP growth in the impressive record, and now also gratifying捧出"summer fruits", January-June of this year GDP growth of 12.6 percent, the year is expected to scale 14% of the high points.

"Although there are still many difficulties, but overall, the Chongqing Economic Yangchun from entering the summer after a mild winter."杨庆育director of the Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission of the discourse of self-confidence and firm.

See the light at the twists and turns, load in the face of adversity to rise, the character of Chongqing. Chongqing Bashan water gave birth to the 32 million people and a strong indomitable.

"Chongqing is a city stand!" Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, then in a bold Bo.

A rainy day should be strong, the scenery here, "better"

Winter 2008, the financial turmoil sweeping the globe. Is located in the western interior, and low export-oriented economy of Chongqing has not become a "haven", the traditional heavy industrial cities inevitably suffer significant impact. Chongqing Iron & Steel Group, Chongqing former Electrical Group had sales of tens of billions of dollars of state-owned enterprises "aircraft carrier" a significant decline in revenues, profits fell sharply; motorcycle exports dropped in February this year, in February 2006 to a single month since the minimum Points - 93000. "Chongqing is the first quarter of this year the past 10 years the development of the industrial economy the most difficult period." Chongqing economic and information technology director, said Wu ice.

However, the Chinese New Year has just passed, and Chongqing Municipality over the size of the downward trend in industrial output value was on the curb, pick-up in the beginning of each month. In January fell 3.7 percent, six percent growth in February, 8.8 percent growth in March, 11.2 percent growth in April, in May increased by 12.3%, 13.7% growth in June.

Chongqing's rapid economic recovery, thanks to the CPC Central Committee and State Council, and macro-guidance of the loving care of.

December 31, 2008, the State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of co-ordinating urban and rural areas in Chongqing Municipality to promote the reform and development, followed by the General Office of the State Council issued the "Chongqing Municipality on the promotion of urban and rural reform and development of a number of views." "Opinions" given the country an important Chongqing modern manufacturing base, the Yangtze River upper reaches of the regional financial center and an integrated transport hub, inland export processing base, opening up areas to 13 "golden position" has greatly encouraged the morale of Chongqing.

4 trillion yuan of national investment plans and the top ten industrial restructuring and revitalization planning macro-control policies, in the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Huang Qifan it, "招招见真章,招招driving the Chinese economy", Chongqing from "招招benefit. " So far, Chongqing has received more than 70 million state investment to stimulate new investment in 50 billion yuan; and to determine the focus of the revitalization of the top ten industries, Chongqing has the benefit of eight.

Rapid economic recovery, also benefited from a rainy day in Chongqing, a positive response.

In March 2008, to Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other coastal areas after learning the Buddhist scriptures, Chongqing introduced seven measures to stimulate economic growth; in September, introduced to prevent the economic downturn of the five policy; in November, issued a total investment of 15,000 billion in "three-year plan warm winter"; in December, according to the central deployment, integration of the introduction of the 12 special measures to boost the economy.

Be a growth and development of security measures, interpretation of the government and enterprises, "抱团winter," the story of a warm.

"The financial turmoil of the 'stick', indeed many businesses within the Park, not the direction of play." Dadukou party committee deputy secretary, director of the construction of a bridge吴道藩Industrial Park Administrative Committee said that the international financial crisis impact Industrial Park is the construction of a bridge set up 6 years experienced the greatest crisis. The current crisis, the decision Dadukou District 3-year one billion yuan out of the park enterprises restructuring, technology, etc. to give financial support. Government "cold" measures introduced in time, not only to hold the end of the enterprise, but also inspired a new round of business boom. January to April this year, the construction of a bridge Industrial Park, investment in fixed assets 1.01 billion, an increase of 96.6%.

"National 4 trillion of investment, the revitalization of the top ten industrial restructuring plan, small cars by the acquisition of tax policy to stimulate consumption, such as motorcycle countryside policy ... ..." sitting Chongqing Lifan 11 floor of the headquarters office, the company chairman Yin Mingshan hand with fingers to introduce national and local growth of the real security measures. "Then a look at our! Lifan strive to be completed this year sales growth target of 8% to 12% of the goal."

Potential opportunities in crisis: industrial transformation and upgrading of new opportunities

Tong Yangtze Sea家沱, the early rain break. Dongfeng shipyard headquarters in Chongqing in southwest near the platform's largest ship, the four 5500 dwt Asphalt Carrier 5700 DWT and a chemical tanker is being welded, and then there are more than one month's time, they will be launching.

Strengthen the competitive position of shipyards and the mainstream, to strengthen the special ships to open up the market so that Dongfeng shipyard in the international financial crisis in a very favorable position. "Refers to special tanker ships, chemical ships, ocean engineering vessels, most of them relatively small tonnage, but the relatively high value-added. With ordinary bulk carriers, container ships compared to, special ship market subject to market fluctuations is relatively small." Companies Mr Ho Yun, General Manager said, "The financial crisis has given us an opportunity, business machines just use this time to reposition the adjustment of product structure, firmly towards high value-added, high-tech products in the direction of the ship."

The international financial crisis has accelerated the Changan Automotive Group of the pace of industrial restructuring. June 2, with a total investment of 2.5 billion Chang'an micro-cars and a new base engine in Chongqing Industrial Park, the eastern part of Metro started fish head. Changan Group of the base as a new mini-car factory, will focus on the production of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and make full use of solar energy, recycled water production operations, two will be the realization of the project is completed 600,000 vehicles, engines 2000000 capacity to become the nation's largest mini-car production base with the powertrain. "Crisis, we mean that the challenges and opportunities means. Of Chang'an speaking, this opportunity is to develop micro-cars, as well as energy-saving products and small cars." Chairman of Changan Automobile said Xu Ping.

In the equipment manufacturing industry, automotive, motorcycle industry, the "predators" are positive "face", "turn", the electronic information industry "Qingqi" have also started to speed up the layout of Chongqing.

In December last year, covers an area of 60,000 square meters production base of the Hewlett-Packard computer in Chongqing West Wing Microelectronics Industrial Park will begin in 2010 after the annual production capacity of four million notebook computers, will bring 50 billion yuan in Chongqing computer matching industrial clusters. Hewlett-Packard Company from the first date of a project set up in Chongqing, HP has been so far, including global software service center in Chongqing Branch, Center for Global Testing Service, the Global Call Center, Chongqing University City resources platform-sharing networks and computer production base in Chongqing, located five projects . "HP will continue to increase investment in Chongqing, Chongqing, spare no effort to build 'western Silicon Valley'." Hewlett-Packard, senior executive vice president of global Todd said.

Related industries in the Hewlett-Packard, led by the electronic information industry in Chongqing is expected to become the automotive, motorcycle, after the new pillar industries. Data show that this year, Chongqing rapid development of electronic information industry, sales revenue is expected from last year's 80 billion yuan to 60 billion yuan.

Transformation and upgrading of the battlefield is not just to stay level in the real economy.

January 1 this year, aimed at promoting the country's first local laws and regulations and opening up - "to promote the opening up of Chongqing Bill" into effect. Opening up the first time in the form of law in the western inland city defined, goals against, "and opening up landlocked Heights."

June 2, China's first inland bonded port - Chongqing Cuntan two bonded port official groundbreaking this year and closed customs and operating. Chongqing马忠源of Customs and Excise, said: "This is equivalent to the Yangtze River upstream access to the sea on the thousands of kilometers down the western hinterland of Chongqing."

Thousands of miles for the weight, the majority of for-qing, a good mix, there really is Chongqing. Bo Xilai said: "The fundamental way to Chongqing in the further opening up, the biggest driving force is opening wider to the outside, Chongqing must make a scientific position, have the courage to put themselves in the forefront of opening up."

More difficult to take the lead, the more priority to people's livelihood, "the five Chongqing" highlights a new realm of people's livelihood

Economic downturn, increased unemployment; return of millions of migrant workers, more than 10 million college students approaching graduation; also adds a new urban and rural labor force, new immigrants moving ... ... the face of the complicated situation, "the people's livelihood," the word particularly heavy.

The stimulation of investment, people's livelihood priorities. Wang Hongju, mayor of Chongqing Municipality in the beginning of the year's government work report solemn commitment, this year will improve people's livelihood on the prominent position of expanding domestic demand, solid works to promote the people's livelihood, 150 types of government-led projects will focus on the implementation of this year, "all close the people's livelihood. "

Employment is the people's livelihood. Chongqing Municipal Government decided to invest one billion yuan this year, job security, of which 6 billion yuan was used to stabilize and increase jobs, and 200 million yuan to solve difficult college graduates, 200 million yuan to promote the employment of migrant workers return home. State-owned large and medium-sized enterprises of Chongqing announced that this year the total number of employed college graduates this year of not less than 13,000, doubling last year to ensure that the end of this year, the city's employment rate of college graduates of not less than 85%.

In order to promote the development of people's livelihood security and promoting development to the people's livelihood security. The dialectical relationship between the people already into the mentality and logic of Chongqing. Only the budget revenue of more than 600 billion yuan in Chongqing, one go to buy this year, several "big one": from the beginning July 1, Chongqing City, in 3.2 billion replacement for the 320,000 teachers Jin subsidies, to ensure that compulsory education teachers in the average wage level not lower than the average wage level of local civil servants; invest 1.5 billion yuan, including rural health as a standing institution with 250,000 staff subsidies; into billions of dollars more than 40 million plan to address the insolvency the issue of workers health insurance ... ...

Livelihood security and development in this issue, in Chongqing to set higher targets for itself: in 2008 from the use of 4 years, plans to invest 1 trillion yuan building a "forest in Chongqing", "free of Chongqing", "Ping of Chongqing", "health Chongqing "and" Easy Living in Chongqing. "

Bo Xilai said, "the five Chongqing" are real people's livelihood project is fairly well-off people to lead the city's five major initiatives is the Chongqing-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities in the vivid responses. "Forest of Chongqing" is to improve the environment for the people more oxygen; "smooth Chongqing" is to improve traffic conditions, traffic congestion is not the main city, villages circuit; "Chongqing safe" to enhance people's sense of security; "health in Chongqing" let the children grow strong, the elderly live longer, all the people to live healthy; "suitable for living in Chongqing," will focus on improving the living conditions of people and the environment. 5 to achieve this goal, the quality of life of people in Chongqing will be much higher in urban and rural areas will also be greatly changed the face --

"Forest of Chongqing": Chongqing Municipality will add 1,500 hectares of forest area, forest coverage rate reached 45 percent, the per capita reaching 12 square meters of public green space.

"Health in Chongqing": physical education in schools and will be a week from two to four per week; 4 years in 1000 to improve community-based fitness facilities; stadium area per capita reached 0.8 square meters, the national pass rate of the sample constitution reached 87%.

"Ping of Chongqing": safety incidents fell by 2.5% the number of deaths, the masses a sense of security index maintained at 90%.

"Chongqing flow": the construction of "the main city of a half-hour", "four hours in Chongqing" and "around eight hours," to create an integrated transport hub in southwest.

"Easy Living in Chongqing": 3-year demolition危旧房transforming 12 million square meters, more than 46 local residents, so that the living space of the original tenants in an average increase of 50%. 3 years, the city's newly built 204,000 low-rent housing units, 10,200,000 square meters floor area of the city's per capita housing area of less than 6 square meters of low to achieve full coverage of households. 180 million yuan each year to encourage new homes in rural areas focus on the construction of Bayu, the transformation of rural危旧房2012 Bayu built 120,000 new homes.

... ...

Chongqing people's lives, because of the wind枕着Jiang sleep and wealth to the poetic, in the near future will be because of "the five Chongqing," the realization of the construction of more happiness and harmony.

Walking in the streets of Chongqing, often come into view is the evergreen tree of Chongqing -黄桷树. 黄桷树, sturdy stems, thick leaves, drought resistance, barren, and aerial root, strong ability to adapt - just as the development of a water Chongqing Bashan Chongqing people.

Chongqing who has overcome the difficulties and there is no lack of courage and strong, as long as the heart, dream, at the foot of a road, it will certainly do everything possible to bring the dream into a reality!