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Chongqing Customs and the origin of the five measures to help enterprises "crises" as a "machine"

Chongqing Customs and the origin of the five measures to help enterprises "crises" as a "machine"

This year, by the international financial crisis, part of business operations in Chongqing money Qi or import and export trade, operating in a difficult position. Chongqing Customs and conscientiously do a good job origin related to the work of concessions to the origin of imports of goods surged contrarian trend was to help the enterprise the "crises" as a "machine."
First, establish a 246 system, standardize the management of country of origin.
Construction of tariffs, the two-site platform for professional audit and day, week, month clearance data, such as real-time monitoring platform 2 platform, effectively reduce the risk of origin of goods examination; the establishment of a certificate of origin, shipped to a single, signature, corporate integrity database 4 so that evidence-based review site; the use of data analysis, time analysis, network information, logical analysis, backward analysis, the record six kinds of verification methods to strengthen the audit of origin, country of origin declarations effectively improve audit quality orders. The establishment of 246 system, standardize the management of the country of origin, certificate of origin to enhance the efficiency audit, tax rates for the agreement to create the conditions for customs clearance of goods.
Second, grasp the right policies, the framework of customs clearance channels. From March onwards in accordance with the "preferential origin of goods the import and export regulations," the provisions of the country of origin can enjoy preferential rates but can not provide the certificate of origin of goods used to provide bonds or guarantees to pay the way of customs, at the same time of origin certificate of origin has a small flaw in the certificate of timely screening, combined with inspection of cargo to confirm a single line, from a policy perspective to ensure maximum business interests, in the "tube to live" under the circumstances of origin of goods for customs clearance, "Speed."
Third, customs environment to optimize the site to provide high-quality customs clearance. The establishment of three customs channels quickly for oil asphalt, rubber, plastic materials, such as infrastructure projects, basic industrial raw materials needed to implement the priority category of customs clearance of goods. According to statistics, in 2009 the origin of the first half of preferential tax agreements are not vulcanized rubber compound of the value of 15,001,000 U.S. dollars, the value of petroleum pitch 9,058,000 U.S. dollars, the value of two commodities and to do more than Hong Kong Office, the value of goods enjoying tax agreements half of Chongqing by leaps and bounds for a strong driving force for the development of transportation; scene set in the declaration of origin customs desk and a hotline, by the person responsible for enterprise policy in the country of origin, customs clearance procedures, to answer the question; the "more active, a little more patience, a little more than a smile "and" more than three, "the slogan of" an open mind, patience, care, enthusiasm, worry "five" psychological "services, and comprehensively improve the origin of customs clearance services.
Fourth, to investigate in depth business guidance, solve practical problems. Initiative with the customs broker, business, Shipping, freight forwarding services such as the exchange of objects, the origin of the relevant preferential policies to promote and raise awareness of the origin of enterprises; on the good tire, such as Changan Ford Mazda of origin of goods classified, such as supplementary declaration and take the initiative with the tariff, the Examination Department to coordinate a common solution to help enterprises of origin of goods classified supplement to declare and so on. Since 2009, 8007 site of origin of imported goods enjoy preferential corporate tax rate to the number of agreements than double the same period last year, the origin of preferential policies to-earth manner.