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"Enhancing the quality of supervision and management of essential drugs that" to be announced

"Enhancing the quality of supervision and management of essential drugs that" to be announced

2009/7/28/10: 43
【Network】 Huicong the pharmaceutical industry from the 25 held in Changchun national food and drug supervision and management of the forum was informed that "the quality of essential drugs on the strengthening of the provisions of the supervision and management" will be published. Priority will be given to the basic provisions of the standard drugs.

State Food and Drug Administration Shao Mingli Secretary believes that the implementation of the national system of essential drugs, basic drugs and will greatly increase the coverage of any link fault may lead to serious consequences. Thus, the basic regulation of drug safety can not tolerate the slightest careless, we must spare no effort to step up and do a good job.

- Strict enforcement of regulatory requirements.
To be announced on the "essential drugs on the strengthening of the provisions of the quality of supervision and management", all localities should strictly implement the various requirements to ensure that the monitoring in place.

- Pay close attention to find out the base. After the introduction of essential drugs list, the situation throughout the species should be clear and tangible, the object of regulation and regulatory measures to be aware of, at the same time, the implementation of essential drugs to the system may have affected the quality and safety of the study in advance and make relevant建议.

- Strengthen the supervision of the entire process. The development of links, to give priority to raise standards; production processes, it is necessary to promote the quality of a comprehensive regulatory system, such as an attorney; circulation, it is necessary to study "all varieties of coverage" of the testing system; the use of links in the development of medical institutions to pay close attention to drug quality control systems, and promote norms, rational use.

- Enhance the scientific level of supervision. Basic drugs and electronic monitoring of organic combination of essential drugs to enhance the level of full control. In addition, the central and local governments in accordance with the requirements of the relevant work with to do a good job.