Chongqing 12.6 percent during the first half of GDP growth in gross domestic product 232.226 billion yuan

Economic operation in our city was fast picking up. Yesterday, the news from the City Bureau of Statistics said the preliminary estimation, the realization of the first half of the city's gross domestic product 232.226 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6%.

六成more than corporate profits higher than the same period last year

"The first half of the city's economic growth to gradually strengthen." Municipal Statistics Bureau said, the first half of the city most of the major positive to the good economic indicators, economic development in the number of positive factors, the steady growth in domestic demand, the financial support of economic development entities the role of show, with the economy picking up fast.

First, second and third industries to 18.338 billion yuan, 118.936 billion yuan and 94.952 billion yuan, an increase of 5%, respectively, 13.7% and 12.7%.

With industrial production gradually warmer, the first half of the city's achievement of 98.336 billion yuan of industrial added value, an increase of 12.5%, contribution to the economy of the city's rate of 42.3 percent, driving GDP growth 5.3 percentage points. Production pick up, corporate profits have narrowed decline. January-May, the city realized a total profit of industrial 8,566,000,000 yuan, up 26.2 percent decline, but the decline in January-February than the 22.6 percent reduction. In the city's 38 major categories of industrial sectors, 20 sectors total profit growth. The city's industrial enterprises above designated size, the profit is higher than the number of firms in the same period last year reached 3656, accounting for more than the city's六成.

Per capita cash income of farmers grew 10.8 percent

First half of the year, farmers also significantly change drum pockets. From the City Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics Bureau of Chongqing, said the survey, the first half of the city per capita cash income of farmers 2,445 yuan, an increase of 10.8%.

"Chongqing obvious signs of economic recovery, in order to create good conditions for farmers to increase." Yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics Bureau of Chongqing said the survey, this year's economic stimulus package初显effect, especially in our city of the "Chongqing five" building, for the rural labor force to provide a large number of employment opportunities, boost the income of the farmers to increase, such as this year, a total of 2.28 million farmers participated in the "forest in Chongqing" and forestry industries. Survey shows that the first half of forest per capita cash income 17 yuan, per capita increase of 8.

In addition, the national co-ordinating urban and rural areas with comprehensive reform pilot area of the gradual deepening of the work, Chongqing farmers the right to transfer land contract for the operation speed, the current city "land transfer rate" to reach more than 26 percent, leaving many farmers over the age of 50 have a new source of income.

Rise in revenue

The first half of the city's financial rebound increase in general budget revenue.

It was introduced by the financial crisis, declining enterprises, structural factors such as the impact of tax cuts, the city had a larger revenue decline. However, as the economy pick up, the first half of the general budget of the city's fiscal revenue 29.563 billion yuan revenue, an increase of 6.5% over the January to May increased 5.4 percentage points.

The first half of the city's financial expenditure tilt the field to the people's livelihood gradually increase intensity. Social security and employment, education and community affairs, such as urban and rural areas of three expenditures related to people's livelihood, accounting for the city's general budget of almost half of total expenditures.

From the growth rate, the style with the media, the people's livelihood such as health care expenditure growth rate is higher than the city's general budget expenditure growth.

However, the City Bureau of Statistics pointed out that the person concerned, although the trend of economic recovery during the first half of the city obviously, but in order to achieve the full degree of difficulty is still steady and rapid growth. The reason is that although the domestic market has been warmer, but the weakening of external demand directly affects the real economy continued to grow, to support the development of the city's dynamic economy continues to prosper is not yet stable, the economy is still the basis of a comprehensive solid warmer. In particular by the world's major economies slowing down, demand for external markets, such as the impact of a serious recession, the city's exports have fallen significantly. In addition, the city also faces difficult for peasants to increase income, CPI and PPI, such as year-on-year decline in expanding the impact of unfavorable factors.

Source: Journal of Chongqing