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Consumer goods fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the spring breeze

Consumer goods fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the spring breeze

Show Overview:

Spring and autumn Frankfurt International Consumer Goods Fair is the world's largest exhibition and trade the best type of high-quality consumer goods trade fair, an annual spring and autumn in the world's third-largest exhibition center in Frankfurt, Germany, International Exhibition Center, the exhibition is not only the participating countries the exchange of product information to the center of the majority of exhibitors at the same time to get to know the ideal place for new customers. According to statistical data show in Frankfurt, in 2009 the net exhibition area of 186,000 square meters of exhibition from 86 countries and regions participating merchants 4466, received 135,000 visitors, of which about 34% of customers from abroad.
Exhibitors and spectators on the spot survey conducted by the current popularity unabated Ambiente audience satisfaction survey, 90% of the audience results show that the "satisfied" or "very satisfied", the corresponding, more than two-thirds of the exhibitors Exhibitors said that to achieve the desired purpose, and achieved satisfactory results.

Exhibits range:

Tableware and kitchenware: glass, crystal glass, porcelain, pottery, tools and accessories, tea and accessories, silver or silver-plated ware, metal ware, table accessories, table flower jewelry, kitchen supplies, cooking and baking and cooking, cooking with electrical equipment , bars and drinking utensils, kitchen and table with fabric textiles, cleaning products and utensils, kitchen furniture and all kinds of kitchen accessories, housewares, shopping baskets and bags, small electrical appliances, plastic products.

Gifts: games, toys, dolls, gift bags and leather, handicrafts, ethnic crafts, stationery, preparation of various types of rattan basket Liu and crafts, indoor Aromatherapy items, candles and accessories, feng shui and yin and yang display, shop window displays , jewelry, festive decorations, silk and dried flowers.

Household items: small pieces of furniture and furnishings, household goods and accessories, furnishings, home textiles, wall hangings, lamp, clock and bell Taiwan.