Shenzhen Customs bonded on the Shenzhen Bay Port ago (1) business customs official notice (2009 No. 2) ...


Shenzhen People's Republic of China Customs

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                          2009 No. 2

Bonded before the Shenzhen Bay Port (1) has been qualified acceptance, 2009 August 1 Japan Customs official business, the matter will now notice the following:

First, before the Shenzhen Bay Port Bonded (1) is a special customs supervision areas, land area of 1.174 square kilometers, including the Shenzhen China Merchants Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. All land in Hong Kong Mawan berth and yard No. 5,6,7.

Second, Shenzhen, Hong Kong customs bonded prior to the Gulf area code is "5349", customs zone name "Shenzhen Hong Kong prior to the Gulf bonded", referred to as "the deep sea before."

Third, since August 1, 2009 From , Mawan port berths No. 5,6,7 corresponding customs area code from "5304" changed to "5349."
Fourth, to be bonded in Shenzhen Bay Port before the customs procedures for enterprises, should be in the Local Customs agencies reported procedures.

Advisory Tel :0755-84395370.

Is hereby announced.


July 29, 2009