Chongqing Customs and Excise Department to strengthen the secondary effect related

This year, the Chongqing Customs and make full use of regional advantages, continue to strengthen the work of the second transit, the western provinces and autonomous regions in the service of import and export trade, and further enhanced in the western region of Chongqing Logistics radiation polymerization.

In order to effectively enhance the secondary transfer efficiency of customs clearance, Chongqing Customs Territories closely linked with the port customs, the establishment of ports along the river to clear a coordination mechanism; advantage of relying on the transport hub of the surrounding provinces and regions to facilitate customs clearance of goods, protection of material reconstruction of enterprises and smooth customs clearance; the development of positions related to the implementation of business rules, refining processes to enhance business customs, shipping and freight forwarding company's guidance; material to strengthen the two-site logistics monitoring, clear material unloading, devanning, shipping, such as the responsibility of monitoring and management. Effective these measures have played a role, according to statistics, 1-June, the regulatory clearance secondary to a total of 84,000 tons cargo, Tax 31.0004 million yuan, an increase of 407.2%.