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China in 2008 "campaign" has made remarkable achievements

China in 2008 "campaign" has made remarkable achievements

2008, China seized 83.837 million illegal publications, banning closed shop stalls file 46000, closed 1420 Enterprise copy printing, 1.4 million illegal sites, and to delete objectionable information online more than 49, the seizures of illegal discs 8 production lines, and investigated 25,056 cases of administrative punishment, the criminal cases from 328.

2008, China's "campaign to" work to hold high the banner of protection of intellectual property rights, strengthening the day-to-day supervision, and always maintain the various types of illegal activities on the high-pressure situation, uninterrupted organizations have launched a series of special operations for the earthquake relief, Beijing the success of the Olympic Games and to commemorate the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, such as public opinion to create a good cultural environment, "campaign" has made remarkable results.

China in 2008 "campaign" has made new breakthroughs. According to reports, these new breakthroughs in the main as follows:

Illegal publications seized two breakthrough work: attention to building a monitoring mechanism to strengthen day-to-day; from seized illegal publications to trace the culprits behind the scenes to break the network extension of cracking down on gangs.

Protection of intellectual property rights against piracy has 3 large bright spot: crack down on pirated pirates the leaders of the party and the state party and the country classics, as well as a compilation of documents published; cooperation with international organizations to combat piracy; continuing to investigate and deal with major cases such as piracy.

Increase the online "campaign" efforts to take the comprehensive management measures, the annual total of the investigation and handling of network "campaign" of cases from 1848. Both the ongoing multi-sectoral joint action, to play online at the same time pay attention to day-to-day supervision of the regulatory role of institutions. In addition to the three central departments to play a major role in regulation, the establishment of institutions around the active efforts to manage the local affairs. In addition, efforts to curb the spread of online pornography and other novels.

Rectification "four false" resolute attitude, investigate illegal newspapers and made significant progress. Collection of 2008 total 3,904,000 copies of illegal newspapers and periodicals. China, following the end of 2007 to early 2008 to carry out special operations to combat illegal activities and training of "four false" special operations, also in focus in October 2008 carried out a month to crack down on illegal newspapers and special operations. Newspaper market in a comprehensive inventory to crack down on illegal newspapers and periodicals at the same time and seriously deal with those involved in illegal activities in the newspaper publishing unit, and firmly correct numbers to deal with the sale, publication, etc. One more illegal activities and to strengthen the supervision of distribution channels, to prevent illegal inflow Post newspaper subscription channels such as regular wholesale.

At the same time, in 2008, various localities and departments work closely with a "campaign" of the force. Government leaders at all levels fully understand the "campaign" the importance of further efforts. National "campaign" leading group for the members of both units fulfill their duties, and coordinate with each other, strengthen cooperation and strive to form a rapid reaction, the overall pattern of the work of prevention and control. (Reporter Sui Fei laughter)