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Ningbo Customs portal set up on the "normative declaration directory inquiries" section of the Bulletin

Ningbo Customs portal set up on the "normative declaration directory inquiries" section of the Bulletin

To further improve the declaration declaration electronic data quality, and better to the customs declaration enterprise and provide information services, reduce customs clearance costs, Ningbo Customs portal opened in the "declaration of norms directory inquiries" section, the relevant matters Notice is as follows:

First, the "declaration of directory inquiries norms" set in the "Business Search" column, for the customs declaration companies and provide tax or goods under the Trade name query elements regulate the function of reporting to facilitate customs clearance and customs officers enterprise reporting requirements, improve customs quality.

Second, "to declare the directory inquiries norms" of the data provided by Ningbo Customs in accordance with "People's Republic of China Import and Export directory specification to declare" audit to identify and implement dynamic maintenance.

Third, enterprises and the customs declaration should be in strict accordance with the "normative declaration directory search for" declaration of norms set out in the elements, in the pre-entry WEB links to the customs declaration.

Fourth, do not be regulated in accordance with the requirements of the customs declaration and customs clearance companies, customs will be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the offense, the mandatory training to deal with.

Fifth, to address the "normative declaration directory search for" the operation of the problems that might arise, Ningbo Customs set up a hotline :0574-89090825.

Is hereby announced.
Ningbo Customs

Second, the nine-year August 19 OO