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The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 9)

The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 9)

In order to further optimize the customs bonded supervision and services and enhance the effectiveness of bonded verification, according to Department's unified plan, Ningbo Customs pilot the introduction of intermediaries involved in the customs bonded verification, the relevant matters are announced as follows:

First, the introduction of intermediaries involved in the customs bonded verification refers to the intermediary organizations or enterprises engaged Customs entrusted to carry out special audits, directly or indirectly, to the customs bonded business-related information and supporting the work of reference.

Second, the introduction of intermediaries involved in the customs bonded verification work, including business self-employed model and Customs Delegation Model.

Corporate self-employed model, is employed by an enterprise agency for its management of bonded goods in the internal control assessment, issued by the agency comply with customs requirements of the special audit report by the enterprises to self-examination form of a report to the competent customs.

Customs commissioned model, is commissioned by intermediary agencies to participate in the customs bonded enterprise verification issued by the agency comply with customs requirements of the audit report for submission to the customs commission.

Third, intermediaries eligible to access and exit

(A) Participation in the Customs bonded verification intermediary agencies should meet the following conditions and can pass through customs recognized:

1. Requirements established by law and the practice of national qualifications;

2. Compliance with national laws and regulations and has a sound management system;

3. Engaged in customs size or location of a comprehensive assessment of the industry ranks among the top;

4. The past two years, no illegal or irregular, or national administrative departments, trade associations, investigate and deal with communications and other bad records.

(B) Application for participation in the Customs bonded verification agency should be in April of each year, before or in October prior to the registration of the customs in charge of processing trade, submit a written application materials, by qualifications, after announcing the written application materials include:

1. Agency a written application, attached to intermediaries and their practitioners practicing certificate;

2. Agency charter, business license, a copy of tax registration certificate, etc., as well as basic profiling, including institutional setting, staffing, business, tax and other profiles;

3. Competent authorities and industry associations annual review or assessment;

4. Customs believe that the need for other materials.

(C) the verification has been made eligible for participation in the Customs bonded intermediary organizations should -9 months every year in August to participate in annual review is in charge of customs.

(D) The agency, one of the following situations occur, the cancellation of his participation in the bonded verify eligibility.

1. Being verified business collusion to conceal smuggling or irregularities resulting in the loss of the national economy;

2. Special audit report to provide false or that there is the decision-making has a significant impact on Customs substantive error, the circumstances are serious or cause serious consequences;

3. Reap improper use of the Customs on behalf of the interests of the negative effects of the customs;

4. Breach of an agreement with the customs, the customs or third-party interests of the damage;

5. Records of occurrence of an undesirable practice, was in charge of State administration in charge of departments, administrative departments, trade associations, criticism or punishment;

6. Their own situation changes, do not meet qualification criteria;

7. Late did not participate in the annual examination or did not pass annual examination;

8. Do not meet the verification requirements of the customs bonded to other situations.

(E) has been made to participate in a foreign customs bonded intermediaries are required to verify eligibility for me off the record, I would be involved in the verification of customs bonded area.

4, processing trade enterprises in the hand (account) when you register or customs of nuclear reported a mid-term verification, special inspection before, they may engage with the participation of the Customs bonded eligibility verification agency to conduct self-examination and submitted with the report of special audit report of the self-examination , approved by the Customs Valuation, Customs can be verified from current verification of business; to the problems identified can be regarded as businesses take the initiative to the customs report.

5, after I closed the introduction of intermediaries involved in the customs bonded verify qualifications panel to determine the first agency to consider are as follows:

Zhejiang Dewei Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.

Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. Ningbo Weiyuan

Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. Ningbo Cathay Pacific

Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. Ningbo, Ningbo, Zhejiang

The agency since the date of announcement of the delegate or accept the customs employed by an enterprise to participate in the bonded verification.

Is hereby announced.

August 14, 2009