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Brilliant 60 years: China has gone further down the road of opening up self-confidence

Brilliant 60 years: China has gone further down the road of opening up self-confidence

Source: Central People's Broadcasting Station

New China was founded 60 years ago, China's trade, people, sports, cultural and other aspects of the increasingly frequent international exchanges have greatly promoted China's development and progress.
August 8, 2008, in the U.S. NBC television commercials of the Beijing Olympic Games, the host Jim Lampley • raised a question: "in the history of Chinese closed-door policy, and today's China welcomes the entire world. When all the have in the past, when China will become a kind of country? "
If the Beijing Olympics is a milestone in China's opening up, then the founding of new China in 1949, rejecting the policy of seclusion in modern China is the beginning of this period of history.
Was founded, Mao Zedong, has on several occasions mentioned the need to strengthen international exchanges and expand foreign exchanges, however, a new life in China but the Western countries face the blockade and embargo.
Li Institute of the Ministry of Commerce: After the founding of new China, the US-led Western countries imposed economic blockade against China. Therefore, we are mainly Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union, as well as economic cooperation. In the 15 and 25 Plan period, we introduced the 156 cooperation projects, laying the foundation of China's basic industries. In the late 50s, the guiding idea of our economy has a tendency to the left did not make effective use of foreign trade such as resource allocation.
Into the late 70s, with Deng Xiaoping at the core of China's second generation of Chinese leaders determined to make reform and opening up policy, China's opening of the ship has set sail at full speed. From the founding of New China in 1950 to 2008, China's foreign trade import and export volume increased by 2485 times; National Customs revenue increased by 2572-fold. Chinese people's mentality in order to become more open and self-confidence.
Customs officers at Lo Wu Chen Qunfang: The original luggage items are brought in daily use, when we interviewed an old comrade, a man wearing a 10 a few items of clothing. From the 80's to the present, brought in fewer and fewer things that has been largely from the daily into a high-tech products. Which is basically what brought out more and more. Is now reversed.
Recalling the road of China's opening up, Deng Xiaoping said: This is the decision of China's fate! Jiang said: This is a major turning point in the history of our country's development! Hu Jintao said: This is the key to the fate of contemporary China decided to choose! Only to understand modern China because of being shut off all kinds of humiliation, to understand the new China's opening up the hard way that we can put it this way • Jim Lampley: "The Chinese people will open the road farther and farther, getting faster and faster, further and further self-confidence. spent the night of the Beijing Olympics, China will become a look at the whole world, the world's increasingly open minded country! "