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Shenzhen and Hong Kong attend a day school for children with the dedicated channel

Shenzhen and Hong Kong attend a day school for children with the dedicated channel

Source: "Nanfang Daily"

As the summer ended, the arrival of the new semester, recently, Shenzhen reproduce the peak flow at various ports abroad, students and staff attend a day school children as the main exit. In this regard, border crossings, customs and other departments dedicated to open green channels and exit of students enrolled in daytime child-specific channels, to ensure that students exit quickly and safely.
The reporter learned from Luohu Customs and Excise Department was informed that, with the Shenzhen and Hong Kong economic, cultural and personnel exchanges, the constant deepening of commuting between Shenzhen and Hong Kong increasing number of students.
According to customs statistics, as of this year, a daily average of 6,000 students through the Lo Wu Control Point exit, but with the arrival of the new semester, thousands of children attend a day school once again become the beautiful scenery of the Lo Wu Control Point. To ensure that these children can be quickly and safely, immigration, Luohu Customs special section on "Shenzhen-Hong Kong children attend a day school dedicated lanes" to avoid the students with a number of cross-boundary passengers walk through.
Shenzhen, the only 24-hour customs clearance Huanggang, has recently ushered in the Chinese and foreign students to return to school exit heights. Huanggang border, according to statistics, 15 August to 31 August, after departing passengers Huanggang reached more than 1.068 million passengers, more than 60,000 average daily trips, of which two for their students. Huanggang border, said the recent peak exit ports there, mainly the end of the summer, national school began, around the corner, students go to school due to succession. Most of these international students to the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Canada and other developed countries and regions as the main destinations. To provide a good service for students abroad, the immigration inspection area at the entrance to designate the establishment of clear signage, and the student exit peak hours, to open up for students only "green" channel, so that students that by the inspection, to shorten the waiting time for inspection.