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With regard to proof of joint management systems to enable informed

With regard to proof of joint management systems to enable informed

The declaration Enterprise:

In order to regulate that together two single collection, expansion in China E-Port card features, decided to enable the proof of joint management system, implementation of the credit card charging mode, the relevant matters are announced as follows:

First, the implementation of Time: September 1, 2009

Second, the scope of: shipping center and the center of Beilun proof of joint management of customs clearance

3, the implementation modalities: Enterprise Unified Port card through the electronic service center in Ningbo, the customs authorities in the implementation of refill, and by virtue of the card in the shipping center and Beilun clearance center credit card, debit and receive a single.

Fourth, handling procedures:

(A) Operating processes:

Have to apply for E-Port Card Enterprise: for the record open cards - Result - both card and password, credit card receive a single

Did not apply for E-Port Card Enterprise: Office Card - Registration open card - Result - both card and password, credit card receive a single

(B) The Company filed the required information to open card:

Power of attorney to be authorized by the IC card, ID card holders a copy of a copy of business license

(C) the record open card, voucher Location: Ningbo, the first floor of the Customs and Excise Integrated Service, Ma Yuen Road No. 89

Contact: Su-Hua Jiang, contact: 89.09254 million

(D) Result record time: the initial concentration of time for filing Result September 1 -9 11, after normal working hours.

Pay attention to:

(A) Invites declaration enterprises Huxiangzhuangao, timely service center to the Ningbo customs authorities to open the record card and refill, add action cards to e-port handled according to the original program.

(B) The declaration enterprises to strictly abide by relevant provisions of the issuing department to ensure the use of card security, immediately report any loss of service center, Ningbo, the customs authorities to avoid unnecessary losses.

6, September 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 as a credit card charging the transition period, during which the original payment collar single-mode and single mode coexist receive credit card payment. After the transitional period from November 1, 2009 onwards, all credit card companies receive a single declaration.

7, the Advisory Tel: 89.09005 million

Attachment: Power of Attorney

Ningbo Customs

August 26, 2009