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Ningbo Customs Hongtang sports training facilities, bidding, competitive negotiation Registration Notice

Ningbo Customs Hongtang sports training facilities, bidding, competitive negotiation Registration Notice

Ningbo customs authorities in the service center sports training facilities in Ningbo Customs bidding projects competitive negotiation, is now inviting qualified to vote disk drive unit to come to vote.

1, item description:

Ningbo Customs sports training facilities in bidding, the project is located in Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Hongtang Industrial A zone, the building of a total investment of 85 million yuan, of which 60 million for the construction and installation works costs, 10 million for the renovation costs, 15 million for equipment investment.

Second, bidding, project scope:

Ningbo Customs sports training facilities in the project bidding, all the work.

With the project tendering, materials, bidding, equipment bidding, service tenders, estimate the budget preparation and review, construction projects to determine the contract price (including the tendering and tender BOQ control of prices, the preparation and audit tender offer), settlement and completion of projects junction (decision) considered the report of the preparation and review, project cost identification of economic disputes and provide project cost information and other services, without the design, supervision and tendering, imported equipment).

3, qualified to vote disk unit basic conditions:

(A) is a social intermediary organizations established by law, an independent enterprise legal person qualification;

(B) with the project tendering agent B and above, construction cost consulting B qualification and above, grade B and above project cost consulting, engineering consulting B and above, government procurement agents such as B qualification and above all suitable for this project qualification of the tender agent, corporate credit worthiness.

(C) disk units are required to vote on the application of information authenticity, integrity, responsibility.

(D) The vote disk drive units in the ending there can not be cast in the industry association, the prosecution and other violations of law recorded in violation of ethics and conduct practice behavior.

(E) vote cast disk drive units, it must pay Party A thousand yuan Wu investment and drive the entire deposit, as an integral part of the negotiation document, unpaid margin cast disc drive units will be canceled eligible to vote. The current negotiations, please click the following account of margin Import:

Company Name: Ningbo customs authorities in the Service Center

Bank: Bank of Ningbo Branch

Account number: 332006271018010000632

4, time arrangements:

(A) Application time: at 8:30 on September 11, 2009 to at 15 o'clock on September 14 and thereafter will no longer accept applications;

(B) the release of documents eligible for review and negotiate Time: September 15, 2009;

(C) negotiating document Q & A Time: September 16, 2009;

(D) the negotiation date: September 21, 2009 9:00 am;

(E) Negotiation Venue: Ningbo Customs Integrated Service Building 3rd Floor, Conference Room (Ma Yuan Road, Ningbo City, 89).

5, contact:

Yin Jia (89,090,685), Lu Jianjun (89,090,414), Liu Qi have (89.09259 million), Fax: 89,090,685.