Ningbo Customs and Excise Department on the export business for overtime during the National Day Notice

To ensure that Ningbo Port in 2009 during the National Day of export goods is smooth, and now the National Day Ningbo Customs export business notice of overtime related matters are as follows:

1, overtime Time: October 3, 2009, 6.

Second, overtime unit: Supervisor Tong Department, the trial a single office, on-site Operations (October 3 as the center of Beilun, Ningbo, on-site customs clearance, October 6, Ningbo customs clearance for the downtown site), Beilun Customs (Ningbo customs inspection Center), Daxie Customs (Ningbo Customs logistics control center) and so on.

3, overtime during this time Tel:

Ningbo Customs Administration on duty Tel :0574-89092114;

Supervisor Pass Office Business Consulting Tel :0574-89090255;

Field Operations Branch (Ningbo customs clearance center) Business Consulting Tel: Beilun scene :0574-89090618; urban scene :0574-89090675;

Beilun Customs (Ningbo customs inspection centers) Business Consulting Tel :0574-89090617;

Daxie Customs (Ningbo Customs logistics control center) Business Consulting Tel :0574-89090681;

Hope that all customs units of a reasonable scheme of arrangement to ensure that exports of goods actually arrived in a timely manner after the customs control areas to handle the customs declaration procedures, and jointly safeguard the Ningbo port the normal order of export goods.