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The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 10)

The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 10)

In order to further optimize the port supervision and services to facilitate international ships out of port handling procedures and improve port efficiency, save cost of doing business, decided September 21, 2009, the implementation of the ship out of port formalities and paper linked the issue of issuance of single-electron binding system, is now on the matter are announced as follows:

A scope of application:

Since the Beilun, Daxie international ships out of port.

Second, segregation of duties:

Ningbo Customs under the Customs and Excise Department is responsible for a port formalities Daxie contact the issuing process a single customs endorsement field work; Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration of the Marine Department (Beilun Marine Department, Marine Department, Zhenhai, chuanshan Marine Department, Marine Department Daxie) is responsible for maritime endorsement column The issuing process and the "international ships out of port permits" the issuance of work.

Third, before the ship out of port, shipping agent enterprises should go to the Daxie Ship Port Customs for paper-based procedures for contact single customs endorsement column issuing process procedures and the use of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration authorized user name and password, through the "ship out of port procedure contact your system "(http://www.nbmsa.gov.cn/ship_login.asp) to send the ship out of port the application. To be customs, maritime sector e-issuing process is completed, the issue of the maritime sector, "international ships out of port licenses", the ship before leaving port.

4, please actively cooperate with the shipping agency business customs, maritime sector to do a good job handling the ship out of port procedures, to ensure the ship in Ningbo customs clearance efficiency continues to increase.

Is hereby announced.

September 18, 2009