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An important force in the national counter-terrorism armed police force for inspection

An important force in the national counter-terrorism armed police force for inspection

October 1, the capital of all walks of life to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the General Assembly, The People's Republic of China held in Beijing. This is the armed police force is ready to adopt Tiananmen Square. Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Ding and Chang She

Xinhua News: From Beijing Armed Police Corps of the armed police force armed police dressed in 09-style review, clothing, armed with riot guns for inspection.

Xinhua Tiananmen Square, October 1 (Xinhua Dong-Bo White Snow) read by the People's Armed Police wearing 09-style clothing, armed with riot guns, armed police team lineup acceptance of rigorous review. They are from Beijing Armed Police Corps.

Armed forces are the state of public emergency disposal of the assault force, but also an important force in the national counter-terrorism. Safeguarding national security and social stability, and ensure that the people live in peace and give the country the fundamental functions of the Armed Police Force. The Armed Police Force, 26 thousand people a day turn on duty, an average annual target event to stop violations of dozens of security guards to stop the hundreds of tales of escaped prisoners in custody, the organization of major temporary logistical thousands of, and cooperate with relevant departments to ensure the international and domestic important meeting and the safety of large-scale events.

In August 2009 the NPC Standing Committee examined and adopted the People's Armed Police Act, which further clarified the armed forces involved in the disposition riots, riots, large-scale incidents of serious violent crimes and terrorist attacks in the important responsibility.

(Editor: Zhao Yin-ping)