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Summer and spring maize intercropping soybean, grain and bean harvest both Receives

Summer and spring maize intercropping soybean, grain and bean harvest both Receives

Summer and spring maize intercropping soybean, grain and bean both enjoy bumper harvests.

Is it worth the vast peasant friends look forward to planting pattern, the growing success of demonstrations Mashan County - Organization of the Guangxi Maize Research Institute, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Oil Crops Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University and other research institutes of agricultural experts and scholars, to the Xinxu Town Lin Huang Fan Mashan County village of Spring Summer Corn Intercropping soybean research projects that demonstrate the county spring planted corn interplanted summer soybean project a success, it is suitable to promote the region.

Acres of Green Wave to fully develop their fundus

National Day eve, the reporter drove in Mashan County rural road, the sight and do is enjoy the view: autumn breezes rustle through, green waves rolling from time to time one or two farmers shuttle In the meantime, a rich pastoral Paint realize settle dynamic fundus.

This is an area of 2060 acres of spring there is enough corn intercropping soybean demonstration film, is located in Mashan County Xinxu Town Lin Huang Fan Village. While the dry weather, rainfall significantly below normal, but the entire film demonstration ground soybeans are still growing very gratifying, and a bumper harvest in sight.

According to reports, this piece of soybeans are planted this year in mid-June on, and to the local spring summer soybean intercropping maize provided a good example - - both to increase production, but also simplify the planting process.

It Intercropping technical regulations are mainly: after-ripening period in the spring corn, select the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of corn, "Gui summer I" demonstration piece soybean varieties being grown experimentally in the center. Planting time, away from the roots of spring corn planting about 2 inches at 3-4 bean seeds, mu seed 3.5 kg, days after emergence Dingmiao 2-3. In late June all the Qi Miao, in late July to early August before the autumn drought is basically seal line.

Mashan County Farm Bureau's technical staff told reporters, this is called "early sowing avoid autumn drought," inter-planting techniques, because the implementation of early seeding, intercropping of soybean growth and the impact of mid-and late autumn drought affected little increase in the index increased significantly. At present, the demonstration films pods are mature, the surface of the inter-planting soybeans grow well.

This year, the Mashan County is also the county to promote the 11.3 acres of corn intercropping spring summer soybean demonstrations, had to face a severe drought, but is still growing well, most of pod, beans are Peng Tai, a good harvest is appear.

Very good model of efficiency Intercropping

This intercropping model, agricultural production has brought very good results, is a friend of a good news for farmers.

It is reported that the demonstration projects by the departments concerned to carry out inspection of spring maize and spring maize average of 405 kilograms per mu. Because soybean and spring corn symbiotic short time, will not affect the production of spring corn, soybeans, spring corn interplanted can achieve high and stable yield goals.

Intercropping soybean benefits are also significant. The authorities estimate that, inter-planting soybean yields of 132.5 kg, the value of 530 yuan per mu; yields higher than conventional soybeans, 50 kg per mu output value of more than 206 yuan kinds of autumn maize - - Autumn corn ten years in 2089 by the autumn of drought effects, often little or no income received. Avoid planting early autumn drought of the inter-planting soybeans, just to solve this problem, you can achieve a good efficiency increase for the realization of farmers to provide an effective way to increase production.

Meanwhile, the spring maize inter-planting festival this summer soybean both income and environment-friendly: no-till planting, to save labor; do not use chemical fertilizers or less fertilizer, reduce investment, essentially the same benefits.

After estimation, inter-planting soybeans per acre can be labor-saving three man-days 150 yuan, 150 yuan investment to reduce fertilizer, acres of abridged income 300 yuan. Because no-till planting to reduce soil erosion, while reducing fertilizer inputs, to reduce soil and water pollution, can be achieved in this section also increases environmental protection objectives.

In addition, the spring maize interplanted with soybeans, raised by combination of land use. Soybean is a legume crop, there are nitrogen-fixing function, can in the air of free nitrogen absorption and utilization, inter-planting of soybean is not only compete with the spring corn, the will yourself to absorb endless supply of nitrogen fixed in the ground made after the absorption of soy maturity of the old leaves falling, cut remaining bean root has become a very good ground organic fertilizer, improving soil fertility has a very good role. Therefore, the spring corn, summer soybean intercropping and land combined with the raised ground to achieve a good way to sustainable agricultural development.

Interplanted crops suitable for the promotion

This inter-planting techniques, have been agricultural experts, academics, widespread approval.

Not long ago, Guangxi Maize Research Institute invited experts, in-depth Mashan County Xinxu Town Lin Huang Fan village here in the summer of spring maize intercropping soybean Demonstration Base "pulse" the view that this promising cropping patterns, which not only made full use of soil fertility, improve soil fertility, but also increased the income of the farmers, it is suitable to promote the region.

WEI Zhen-kai Mashan County Farm Bureau, said the mountain Mashan County is agriculture-based counties, corn and perennial area of 170,000 acres planted, accounting for more than half the grain area, is one of the county's major food crops. In recent years, the county spread the cultivation of "Zhengda 619" and other new varieties of corn, the county corn yield has been greatly improved. However, how to ensure that the masses of dry land crops in the second half of the harvest to avoid the reduction or loss of income caused by Yin Han, has been placed in the county, the county government and the agricultural sector face a major issue.

Now, spring maize intercropping summer soybean planting demonstration was successful, Mashan County will continue to promote the cultivation techniques and initial success in the county demonstration of corn intercropping cassava, corn, dry lotus cultivation between the kinds of technologies that will help the county out of For a long time, "many people less vulnerable to the second half of maize drought Kabo Zi," the practical problems, by crop intercropping technology, which addresses the issue of rations farmers, but also increase their incomes.

This reporter learned that, due to spring maize intercropping obvious economic benefits of summer soybean model, the local farmers willing to accept a highly positive. This year, the county spring summer soybean intercropping maize demonstration area of 11.3 mu, next year will be extended to more than 15 million mu, which will free up more labor Masan migrant workers and create more opportunities.

(Nanning Daily)