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Comprehensive Management of Animal Slurry vigorously develop ecological animal husbandry

Comprehensive Management of Animal Slurry vigorously develop ecological animal husbandry

In recent years, Yidu adhere to the construction of biogas as a link, pay close attention to the comprehensive management of animal waste and resource utilization, and earnestly solve pollution control livestock and poultry breeding, improving the rural ecological environment and promote eco-development of animal husbandry and promoting the rural economy development and new rural construction.

Until the end of 2008 only, the city pig breeding more than 50 large-scale total investment 378 million yuan to build methane-generating pit 1050, with a total volume of up to 31.5 thousand cubic meters; and realized gas, slag, liquid utilization, scale fish farmers Slurry treatment rate of 100%, resource-based rate of 90%, and to now have been built, new and under construction, the size of farms all built Slurry supporting the use of an integrated system, the size of farms to achieve full compliance pollutant emissions, biogas slurry, biogas residue used for fish farming, irrigation of vegetables, orchards, pasture and other crops of more than 6112 acres; to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency goals, and create a good social and ecological benefits.

First, leaders attach importance to that understanding. Harmless to carry out livestock manure treatment and utilization of resources is not only improving the rural ecological environment and promoting the healthy development of animal husbandry needs, but also protect the health of people's daily life to promote the new rural construction, building a harmonious society. Yidu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau on the basis of thorough investigation and study of scientific development of the city's aquaculture industry development plan, introduced the "livestock and poultry farms Yidu building approval system" will work as a comprehensive management of livestock pollution, the annual objective examination of an important element of , Testing at every point, effectively promoting the livestock and poultry manure harmless treatment and resource utilization.

The second is focused, and measures are in place. Delineation of areas of science to support ban, strict examination and approval, from the source control of new pollution sources. New and expanded all kinds of livestock and poultry farms, we must strictly enforce the environmental impact assessment system, according to the required standard EIA procedures apply for the appropriate implementation of the "three simultaneous" system, from site selection program began, there must be City Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of joint participation, supporting the construction of pollution control facilities, pre-check, strict examination and approval, control, concentrating on the emergence of new pollution sources in order to build biogas digesters in livestock and poultry excreta as a link and resource comprehensive utilization of the work. The main technical measures: one, using solid-liquid separation technology, separation of storm sewage design, dry conservancy techniques, water-saving appliances and other scientific methods to reduce effluent emissions. 2, the construction of biogas digesters. The use of biogas fermentation technology, so that livestock and poultry manure into biogas energy and biogas slurry. 3, the comprehensive utilization of biogas. Gas for heating, drinking something, lighting. If used as a gas stove, gas cookers, gas infrared oven, gas shower, etc.. 4, biogas slurry, biogas residue resource recycling. Pig - marsh - fish, pork - marsh - vegetables, pork - marsh - Orchard variety of ecological planting and breeding model of transport should be for us.

The third is a clear objective, the policy in place. Yidu pollution prevention and control of livestock and poultry breeding objectives of the work was focused on the city's 50 more than the size of pig farms (households) adopt comprehensive measures, in the implementation of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding, standardized construction, with pollution-free agricultural production bases, further strengthen governance and comprehensive utilization of animal manure, municipal energy office for the implementation of the new biogas digesters fiscal subsidy policy, a strong push forward the construction of biogas energy, improving the rural ecological environment. (Source: Hubei Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau)