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The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 12)

The People's Republic of China Ningbo Customs Notice (2009 No. 12)

In order to optimize customs supervision and services, improve customs clearance efficiency, according to "The People's Republic of China Customs Law," "The People's Republic of China customs supervision and workplace management approach" (Customs Administration Order No. 171) and other relevant legal and regulatory requirements, combined with the practical Ningbo Port , Ningbo Customs decided to October 21, 2009, the second of the Ningbo Port Beilun Container Terminal Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: 3 terminals) to provide supervision of the implementation of bayonet. Related matters now announced as follows:

1, 3 terminal mount the container to establish transit dedicated lanes, empty cars, and bulk cargo dedicated lanes.

Based on the actual loading of vehicles to choose the appropriate dedicated channel access port.

Two, three terminals mount buffer zone set up a "customs inspection seal area" and "Customs Shi Feng zone" turn off all export containers into the bayonet should be subject "Customs inspection seal zone" to accept FENG Zhi-auditing. All imports transit containers should be out of cards before the "Customs Shi Feng zone" imposed by seals (formerly three terminal switch closure Shih HTC yards to the business since October 21, 2009 cease implementation).

3, the relevant enterprises should comply with bayonet regulations, vehicles must be subordinate to mount and guide the staff, pay attention to traffic safety, and consciously safeguard the order bayonet.

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Is hereby announced.

October 20, 2009