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Report released in September on the list of enterprises standardize the notification

Report released in September on the list of enterprises standardize the notification

In order to further standardize the order of ports declaration, guide enterprises to strengthen the norms of the main declared awareness of standard declaration to declare the level of customs area will now be in September to declare the number of 200 votes more than the percentage of standardized reporting more than 85% of the declared list of enterprises (see Annex ) be made public.

At present, the customs declaration of non-standard phenomena of the region is mainly reflected in the commodity name of the declaration of vague; less filling, not filled in, wrong to fill "process approach", "element content" and "works" and other factors such as declaration of goods. Hope that the broad declaration of enterprises to further strengthen its regulation and declaration of consciousness, and strive to improve the quality of declarations to declare.

Ningbo Customs



Standardized list of enterprises in September declared

Ningbo Tian International Freight Co., Ltd., Ningbo Tong International Freight Co., Ltd., Ningbo Sinotrans International Container Transport Co., Ltd., Ningbo Li Ge International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Ningbo Huafeng International Transport Agency Co., Ltd., Ningbo Long Yun International Logistics Co., Ltd., Sinotrans Zhejiang Co., Ltd. Ningbo Fanhai branch, good source of Ningbo International Freight Co., Ltd..