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The world's largest bridge tunnel opened to traffic in Shanghai, China's third largest island, "shore"

The world's largest bridge tunnel opened to traffic in Shanghai, China's third largest island, "shore"

Xinhua Shanghai October 31 Xinhua: the world's largest bridge tunnel opened to traffic in Shanghai, China's third largest island, "shore"

Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Wenjun

All alone on the Yangtze River estuary 1300 years of China's third largest island - Chongming Island, finally "landing" of! October 31, after 11 years of research and feasibility studies over the past five years of arduous construction of the bridge with the world's largest tunnel project - Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge opened to traffic. By land arrived at Chongming Island, a century-old dream finally come true.

A total length of 25.5 kilometers, with a total investment of more than 12.6 billion of the Shanghai Yangtze River Crossing, from 8.9 kilometers of the world's largest diameter tunnel and 10.3 kilometers of road track in building the world's largest cable-stayed bridge, as well as 6.3 kilometers of roads connecting line of the composition, via a tunnel from Shanghai Pudong to Changxing Island arrived at the Yangtze River estuary, and then pass by the bridge to Chongming Island, in the Yangtze River to achieve a "pass through the century."

This project is also hidden in the construction of many to make China the world's first engineering pride: Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel shield diameter of 15.43 meters for the world's first; super shield tunneling distance of a one-time up to 7.5 km, unique in the world; Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge span navigable hole separation of 730 meters Full-floating system for cable-stayed bridge in the world's largest of its kind. Particularly in the construction of many technology at home and abroad for the first time, the Chinese engineers and technicians with independent intellectual property rights gradually built up a large cross-river cross-sea tunnel project's core technology group and its related technical standards.

Shanghai Municipal Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Commission Director Huang Rong pointed out that the formation of the Yangtze River Tunnel Project is a valuable asset lies in its "massive, difficult integration, bridge and tunnel and highway design of the track dual-use intensification, bringing together a large number of independent innovation . "

Connecting China's major coastal economic zone of major sea-crossing projects at central and local governments more and more attention. Shanghai Yangtze River Crossing for the successful completion of the tunnel other Chinese cross-sea bridge o. combination of works of technical reserves.

Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel link up, not only created a miracle in the history of the world works, but also means that Chongming Island "shore", the most development potential in Shanghai eco-industry and China's important gathering area of marine equipment industry. At the same time, this world-class traffic engineering will also promote the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the leading economic cluster development again, "sped up."

Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge opened to traffic, from Shanghai Pudong to reach a good ecological environment in Chongming Island, just 20 minutes by car. An area of 1267 square kilometers land area of the Chongming Island is the world's largest alluvial island estuary is also second only to Taiwan Island and Hainan Island, China's third largest island, connecting the Yangtze River Delta north and south wings, known as the "Shanghai last a real ecological land" , conditional to fight China's first eco-causing industrial clusters.

Currently, Chongming islands master plan has been introduced, Chongming Island, Hengsha Island will develop high-end eco-industries, while the Changxing Island will become a modern ship, port machinery manufacturing industry as the leading function of the marine equipment industry Heights.

Shanghai Yangtze River Crossing is not only closely connects with Shanghai Chongming District, as is stepping up the construction of Chongming Island, Crossing the River through the Chongqi Qidong, Jiangsu Province, after the channel linking, this is located in Yangtze River, is located along the China coast in the western Pacific point of the "golden channel" will connect Shanghai-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Nanjing expressway network, to achieve Jianghai transport, speed up the Yangtze River Delta economic integration.