Ningbo Customs registration of business information on the extension of working hours notice of verification

Customs registration Enterprises:

For the protection of the customs registration of enterprise information true, accurate, effective, and further improve the enterprise management work, to facilitate enterprises to enjoy preferential customs classification clearance facilitation measures, Ningbo decided to carry out the verification of registered enterprise information was extended to the end of November 15 . Please register businesses Customs Ningbo Customs in time log management system for business registration information verification fill in "Enterprise Information customs registration checklist" (, or entrust Ningbo E-Port for data entry.

Refused to participate in the information on the verification of the enterprise, Ningbo Customs and Excise Department will be based on "The People's Republic of China Customs declaration unit registration regulations" (Customs Administration Order No. 127), etc. to be written off or carried out clearance dispatched, when the company imported and exported goods will not be able the normal clearance.

Is hereby notified.

Ningbo Customs