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Salary survey in Guangdong Province: Undergraduate average monthly salary of 3967 yuan

Salary survey in Guangdong Province: Undergraduate average monthly salary of 3967 yuan

Experienced the baptism of the financial crisis, the entire Guangdong Province in 2009 salary status? The talent market in southern China, Guangzhou Institute of Human Resource Management, Talent Research Institute, Guangzhou jointly issued the "2009 Annual Report of the pay trend survey in Guangdong Province." The report shows that the financial sector pay rise the fastest. Guangzhou, the average monthly salary of 3942 yuan, 3420 yuan higher than the provincial average, but the average monthly salary of 4263 yuan and the Shenzhen compared to 321 yuan gap.

The average monthly salary of 4263 yuan higher than the deep spike

According to reports, this year's salary survey report covers the eight urban areas and 33 industries, 302 jobs, the data from the talent market in southern China under the six sub-companies and the Institute of Human Resource Management in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Research Institute of the joint provision of personnel to investigate the total sample reach 93 million. And compared to last year, the financial sector average pay rise quickly, to re-occupy the Ngau Tau, information consulting / offices / personnel exchange industry has great growth, ranking second. Transportation / logistics, hardware, mineral / metal products, fast moving consumer goods, cultural and sports / office supplies industry average salary levels declined. From the view of the pay distribution, finance / insurance industry average, the highest-paid, for 4774 yuan, while access to "4,000 yuan Club" along with information consulting / offices / personnel exchanges, press and publication / broadcast television, trade and other industries.

The survey found that salary comparison cities, Shenzhen and the highest average monthly salary for 4263 yuan, followed by Guangzhou, reached 3942 yuan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Foshan, more than, the level of Chaozhou-Shantou area is still low. The province's average of 3420 yuan.